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Spraypainter - Sydney?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by aoeu, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Need to find someone who will do a good job of painting my tank, headlight shell, and sidecovers to black. It requires gloss black with gradient blend to grey on the sides of the tank, some gold pin striping and thats it. Plus reattaching the tank badge. There is no damage or panel beating necessary.

    I have heard of collideascope in Hornsby and Mototech in Smithfield but someone here didn't like Collideascope work. Any other names?
  2. Any panel beater would do since there is no damage, I do recommend blacktown smash on sunny holt rd, what's your location?
  3. I'm in Bankstown. Blacktown is a bit far but I can travel.

    Any panel beater probably could do it but they rarely do pinstriping by hand right? I thought that was a special thing for truck sprayers and the like, the niche stuff. Cars don't really have pinstripes
  4. I had a crash repair done by Collide-a-Scope this year - nothing wrong with the paint, but I'm not even sure they do it themselves?
    They're at Hornsby anyway - I'm sure there's a place at Peakhurst somewhere but I'm fucked if I can remember it, sorry...