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spraypainter in Sydney

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by hph, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. I've a set of fairings with missing brackets which I want fitted.
    Does anyone knows of spraypainters in Sydney that are willing to take on small jobs ?

  2. where abouts in sydney are you hph??
  3. spraypainter

    I'm in the lidcombe area
  4. Re: spraypainter

    MotoCT in Cabra, not too far from lidcombe..

  5. plus one for motoct, danny takes real pride in his work
  6. +2 for MotoCT

    If you guys are lookin for bikes. He's the man for you to go to with the unique look for your 250rr.

    there's a few done already and can be purchased 6k. if u dont think he's a fake go check out the bike and effort he put into yourself before you judge =]
  7. motoct

    Have spoken to Danny and will be taken the bike to him this weekend.
    Now to figure out how to strap a pr of fairings to the bike before riding down to the workshop :?
  8. any of you're friends would like to lend a hand ?
  9. how much is he charging you as ill need a set of fairings painted as well.