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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cam2318, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. So I am riding to work today down what used to be a main road that has now been by-passed, therefore is nice and quiet and snakes passed mostly rural properties. Part of it was resurfaced last week with the type of surface that leaves all the little bits of stone all over the surface. It's a 70 zone and I guess I was doing around 80-85. Despite the road sign just before the new surface with the picture of the two cars passing with one throwing up the stones, a red P plater in a cage decided to overtake me, he would have been doing 100. I guess you know what happened next, yep absolutely sprayed with stones. I saw him coming in my rearview but didn't think he would do it. I know he's a local, not sure whether I should duck up there and have words or other ways to avoid it in the future?

  2. If you know him and are okay with it have a chat with him and put him straight on a few things.

    If not, then next time you'd better just keep out the way of the pr1ck. Or see how long his tyres take to deflate on a dark night.
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  3. Was anything damaged by his passing you? Visor , stone chips etc?

    If you know the person, and you're comfortable with it, by all means let him know that passing at that speed is not only unsafe but could cause damage to you and your bike.

    Otherwise, let it go and hope karma meets up with him in a dark alley :p
  4. I would say something. It's inconsiderate to overtake like that on those road conditions, even in cars. I would not find it acceptable to do to any road user.
  5. Couldn't see any visible damage when I got to work on the bike. Also visor and helmet OK. Just pissed off that a person that has had their license for 10 minutes, hops in mummy and daddy's car, and pulls that crap. I think I will let it go this time.
  6. To to his house where he is sleeping and cut this throat.
  7. Makes that teddy bear avata kinda disturbing now haha

    Can you send him a letter of demand for damages?
  8. Next set of lights smoke and coat his car in rubber :p

  9. call his mum...
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  10. If she's hot and single, take her out for dinner and then explain what her son did.

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  11. & show her the right way to use rubber :wacky:
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  12. Pretty sure I know who is old girl is, be more than rubber I needed Radiation_suit.
  13. mmmm when you're talking full body suits I'm partial to PVC
  14. Fine with PVC but only on a Saturday night.