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Spray painting in sydney

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by mcouldrey, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. hi all,
    I am looking for a motorcycle spray painter in sydney. Can anyone recommend me anyone from past experience?

    I am wanting to spray a Hyusong GT650 with full farings. Any idea what to expect price wise?

    cheers Matt
  2. Steve Crow, Crows custom paint, beverly Hills. Look him up.

    He is one of the best around, he just did all but 1 piece of a blackbird including some plastic welding for $900. Awesome job.
  3. Serious, that's lilke a 5 minute walk from me, handy to know.
  4. If you leave your bike on the streets around Beverly hills you'll get a custom paint job for free.
  5. Contact EvilR1. Hes on this forum too. Hes the one that posted about the chrome spraying in Mechnical, Maint, Appearance. He does it for much cheaper than most places.
  6. Does anyone know how I could find this Shop (Steve Crow)??
  7. Yeh, I'll post a map (note: I do not know if this is the place you are talking about) but I've lived in the next suburb my entire life and walked past this place every day for school, they would always have fairings and shit lying around so it's a good bet and I haven't seen any other bike places in Beverly Hills.

    Note: I don't remember seeing any signage or even a store front, it was just like a garage door with bikes/fairings etc lying around and people working on them and it's in a back street.

    First pic shows the surrounding area, second has place circled.


    So it's right next to Beverly Hills station, the purple line is King Georges Road


    Second pic shows a closeup, I've circled the place.
  8. Close, but it's Wyanda Lane on the corner of the other intersecting lane.

    No shopfront, just as described, roller door garage like looking place with bike bits inside.
  9. Edited: Thanks tweet, I was a street off.
  10. does anyone have a phone number for him?
  11. zionmoto
    James repainted by '95 VFR for $800. I took the tank and all the panels to him, he fixed up cracks and scratches, painted a top-coated. I highly recommend him.
  12. 7 year old thread and probably in the wrong forum these days, oh well what the heck.