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Spray painting advice?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. This is for the paint experts out there. Painting my track bike, wanna do it myself, which shouldn't be a problem, just the details I don't know.

    1- What sort of paint is best?
    2- I'm gonna buy a new spray gun, what size nozzle? i.e 1.4, 2.0 etc.

    Is there anything special about painting bike stuff I need to know before I attempt it myself?

    Thanks :grin:

  2. C'mon, someones gotta know something?
  3. lol i wrote this page just for u only been up a week


    Ok for a race bike with no paint job artwork u want a single stage paint (gloss n pigment in one) If u are very health concuoise use an acrylic but it will require los of sanding and buffing after the spraying to get it looking good.

    If u dont mind burning ur lungs a little bit get a single stage urethane (2 pack) a decent mask $80 worth and about $100 worth of paint thinners hardener and u will have a good result with lots of dust in it (until u wetsand and polish it)

    i like the 2 pack it takes less effort for a better finish and is more durable.
    some feedback on the guide would also be appreciated.
  4. Thanks Z.

    With 2 pak, what size nozzle on the spray gun? 1.4?

    feedback- assumes some knowledge of painting already I think. If you want to make it truly DIY then you probably need to dumb it down a bit more and explain a few things a little more.
  5. in essence size of nozzle doesnt matter. i spray everything with 1.4. It just means thers less paint comming out at the one time. For a bike 1.4 is better as there are lots of nocks and crannies that if u attempeted them with a 2 u would get runs.

    when buying a gun just make sure its gravity fed, the sucktion fed ones waste alot of expensive paint. Bunnings has a nice HVLP gravity fed gun for $50 which i think is a bargin as its very simmilar to the little one i have.

    Unless u are spraying alot of primer/filler u dont need a putty gun

    and on plastics make sure u use a plastic primer
  6. your best bet would be 2K paint.....If you want a solid colour use 2K solid....for metallic use clear over base system......we find 1.4 nozzle is the best size for nice atomization of the material