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Spray painted brake calipers.. now weak braking!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by rubenastley, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. hey guys, yesterday i spray painted my brake calipers.. i just removed them while they were still connected via fluid hose and prepped and spray painted them. put them back together as usual and now my braking power has reduced to about 60% (i can't skid the front wheel). The brake lever feels stiffer than usual


  2. what the fuck would you want to skid the front wheel for?
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    Its a sure way to test you have maximum braking power in your arsenal?
  4. i'd rather do a stoppie than make my front wheel skid.
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    Really? I wonder why? I can go into numerous reasons why, but I'll let the others explain.

    Why not?


    I'd rather do both... ;)
  6. I suppose if you do it under the right conditions it's alright but I wouldn't want to risk dropping my bike if it had fragile fairings.
  7. Back to the original question....

    Did you get paint or other contaminants on the brake pads ???
  8. not that i know of.. ill bleed the brakes tonight and see how i go
  9. Dual front disk brakes?
    if so
    Did you put the pads back in the same caliper ?
    If they have uneven wear and were swapped over maybe they need to Re-bed themselves?
    (just a guess)
  10. So..... did you crack the calipers open or just as one lump and masked up any entry to the pads....?? You havent left any crap in there binding the pads have you??

    It actually sounds like you may have possibly got paint on the pistons, in effect seizing one of them up, thus lack of pressure on the pad and a heavier feel to the lever........

    Dunno... jmo.... I've just done the same thing for a friend at the moment but I've stripped the lot down and due to re-assemble..... you are now scarin' the shiite outta me :p
  11. ah... makes sense now, i sprayed the pistons aswell .... **** stupid me... what now? de assemble and clean?
  12. :eek: I suspect that you'll probably need to pull them apart (carefully) to clean the overspray. And preferably clean them without using anything abrasive.

    Depending on the damage done, which in turn will probably depend on the position of the pistons in the cylinders when you did the painting, you may also need to replace the seals in the cylinders, and if there's any scouring of the cylinder wall (or piston) you may be in for more work again.
  13. Hey 'rube........ silly **** :p ha,ha .........bad luck mate, you almost pulled off a cheap and easy....... now you've gotta fix it](*,)
    drain your fluid from the reservoir (use a syringe) and unbolt the oil line from the caliper (dont spill excess fluid on the bike, get rags)

    remove the calipers from the forks, remove brake pads etc then crack the calipers......
    Do you have a workshop manual for your beastie by chance...??

    when you crack the calipers be aware, and carefully remove the o-ring sitting between the caliper housing where the fluid feeds to both halves......

    I found it easy enough to place a caliper half into a soft vice grip and then blow some compressed air (building up gently) thru the fluid inlet to force the pistons out 90% of the way, enough to be able to grasp them and remove....... you can try holding them in your hand with a rag to stop them 'popping out onto the floor[-( but I have found out of the 2-3 one always seems to stick whereas in the vice you can get the lot to come out together.
    Once out, the paint should be easy enough to remove from the piston but, as said, your seals could be a bit of a drama..... if you cant remove all trace of paint without damaging anything its going to cost you new seals:-s

    Make sure you remove every skerrick of paint from bores. seals & pistons or you are only going to have to do it all again......

    commiserations mate (wink)
  14. So..... where are you 'rube'...??
    you dont wanna be riding around with paint on your seals/pistons.... you'll bugga them completely with no chance of a save.......:-s
  15. haha wow, after cleaning the pistons, bleeding the brakes and still being shit... i found out it was a build up of dust/crap on the rotors, which wasn't that clear to the naked eye.. good clean with petrol and now everything runs well... ohwell good learning experience! learned how to clean calipers/pistons and bleed brakes!
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