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Spray on Hose off.

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Mike XJR, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. First of all, I hope I'm using the correct forum. I want to give my new XJR 1300 it's first wash. The last time I owned a bike was 10 years ago and I want to make sure I use whatever is new and maybe better than what I used to use. Back then I was going to use CT18 but a friend told me not to as it can take the coating off the aluminium and cause corrosion. I was advised to use a product by Shell called Dobatex Gold. So If anyone can suggest what I should use this time that would be great. This is more than likely going to be my last bike so I want to look after it with the best and safest stuff I can get. Thanks Mike

  2. Water and a chamois
  3. I use a product called Muc Off. Works brilliantly, spray on, agitate really dirty areas with a soft brush or micro fibre towel and hose off, chamois dry, job done. Or if you have a compressor, you can finish off those areas where water sits and you can't get with a chamois. Every second wash I usually use their Bike Spray too, helps keep everything looking brand new, just be super careful about not getting it on tyres or brakes..

    The 1lt bottle gives me 4-5 washes, but much better value buying the 5lt (plus last time I bought it, they had buy one get one free).

  4. CT18 take what coating off aluminium? If it were serious enough to do that it would fcuk up paint in short order which clearly it doesn't. I use ct18 in a spray bottle, spray rub hose done, kero and sock for chain related mess. Don't worry so much, people let themselves get so paranoid.
  5. I use Ipone Absolut Wash at work. You just spray it on your bike and leave it for two minutes before hosing it down. Once I've dried it I usually give it a bit of a plexus or Mr Sheen and the bike comes up like new.
  6. Don't forget the tyre shine.
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  7. I have an XJR, l use CT18. Never had any problem!
    I just plug the end of the exhaust and cover the exposed wiring of the magneto ( down near your gear lever) with a plastic bag.

    Over in the 'bike specific' thread, under the title 'nakeds', there is an XJR1300 thread, some info on xjr's there that might help you!
  8. Also use CT18 without problems. Although those who know my bike will also know I don't use it that often :)

    Anything which is strongly alkaline (some degreasers) can affect aluminium and pit or dull the finish but usually those products warn you of that.
  9. I started using ct18 a LONG time ago, if you use it full strength it will take the top layer of paint off the walls of your house leaving a loverly water flowing down effect. Never had a problem with the bike/car/truck/driveway/hands. still use it on everything, mrs foot doesnt let me use it in the washing machine..