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Spotted today / Heads Up

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mike8863, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Spotted this morning on Ferntree Gully Rd between Carribean Gardens and Theftlink....

    What looked like a "traffic management ute" ( puts out temporary roadwork speed limit signs and parifinalia ) with the markings 'roadwork speed limits enforced'
    ...hiding behind it was a pig with what looked like a radar/laser speed camera on a pole.

    If thats not entrapment then what is...talk about a corrupt fuggin government...
  2. Enough to make the blood boil !
    Thanks for posting mike8863. Fortunately, my travels won't take me to that location, but if the pigs can do it there, under so inconspicuous conditions, they're bound to do this everywhere. A good heads up overall (y)
  3. A tip given to me by someone is that road work signings and limits are very specific and must be laid out in a certain way - otherwise any fine is not enforceable. Basically to the point where it isn't justifiable to set up a temporary roadworks area to catch people. So if you do get done in one of these, definitely check out the actual road regulations regarding roadwork.
  4. I wasn't 'done' by this little pig's elaborate ruse...just sufficiently annoyed, by the lowest of low c#@ts acts that the masters of corruption have instructed the minions to perpetrate, to get off my behind and let others know....
  5. It seems a tad far fetched that a cop would set up a roadworks area to catch people speeding through it. I could see that as a trap to catch the road runner.

    A cop can pretty well gurantee they will catch someone speeding on any road within 5 minutes of being there without going to all that trouble.
  6. It just sounds highly unusual, as I know someone who has all the certs for setting up roadworks and he has indicated that for the limits to be enforceable, there has to be an awful lot of setup and conditions satisfied at the site.
  7. Entrapment? No.

    I hate cops as much as the next guy, but entrapment is when they try and get you to do something you wouldn't otherwise do.
  8. Location: Victoria yep that about sounds right, corrupt lil bastards they are.
  9. wow you're lucky you didn't get caught. They obviously set up a bogus road works site just to catch you.

    Hard to believe it failed really.

    I guess they will just have to go back to enforcing the speed limits where everyone is already doing the speed limit.
  10. Yep. Sounds more like surveyors. Police don't use radar or laser on a pole. They hold it in their hand or with a stock. And speed cameras are mounted in a vehicle and not operated by the police but contractors.

    To the OP, did the vehicle have police or Highway patrol written on the side?
  11. Those roadwork reduced limit signs were up at 4:45am this morning but no ute, I figured they forgot to take one set down from the previous day...
  12. I saw it as well. The "laser" was a Trimble DGPS receiver on that pole. They were surveying the road there for some reason. I didn't see the pig, just the surveyors, but had I of seen him I would've certainly turned back and taken photos.
  13. Hey, if I'm wrong and its as you say a surveyor....sorry.

    The healthy paranoia that I carry has served me well in my 30+ odd yrs on the roads...

    motto : trust no one or nothing..fuggers are all out to kill you and rip you off. Now where's my foil hat..8-[
  14. Don't need any writing. Ever heard of 'unmarked cars'??
    Twice this week, I've seen a blue Ford Territory & a gunmetal grey Commodore SS Sportswagon in the Berwick area that had cars pulled up.
    Flashing lights behind the dark tinted windows!
  15. Of course I have. The reason I asked was this:

    I was trying to establish what gave it that look. Why traffic management as opposed to another unit? The op was non commital to what gave him the impression. That and the description of the equpiment being set up, then.
  16. Traffic management ute.....private company that sets up roadworks speed limits and diversons ( poles cones signs etc..)

    See them all the time in the area ( outer south east )

    But as I said.. if I was wrong and it was a surveyor, sorry.
  17. Yeh I'm the same Mike, EVERY parked car approach with caution. As I came down the hill the hi-vis vests looked very similar to "traffic management" as did the dark blue pants they were wearing.
    It was the Trimble on the pole that gave it away.

    Those unmarked wagons are now frequent the spurs regularly, there are so many around.
  18. Police do use radar mounted on a tripod. I have seen it a few times on the Hume hwy when they are in the median strip.
  19. No they don't. They may do in NSW and QLD but not in Vic. It may have been another piece of equipment such as anpr but not radar if they were the police.
  20. This. Entrapment would be, say, tailgaiting you for ten minutes or something on a single-lane highway, waiting for you to accelerate over the limit (in an attempt to get yourself out of such a dangerous situation).