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Spotted on the Monash

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Pugsly, May 24, 2013.

  1. #1 Pugsly, May 24, 2013
    Last edited: May 24, 2013
    On my commute in yesterday spotted quite a few bikes. On some other motor vehicle related forums I've frequented over the years there have been dedicated 'spotted' threads for shout outs to others that were spotted during travels.

    I did a search and couldn't find anything quite like that for Netrider. Is it something anyone would be interested in?

    *edit - removed the photos - unpopular*
  2. Call me whatever, (I see the point to your thread) and I know we are in age of technology. But I don't get the need to take photos of people just going about their day?
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  3. I wasn't out to take pictures of people going about their day. My helmet cam is always on when riding. I video each ride, and sometimes review when I stuff something up and want to go back and check what I did wrong. I just noticed a bunch of people yesterday. I'm not suggesting posting up photos of everyone, it was just easy to grab a few from yesterday morning's ride.
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  4. Awww man, I was hoping to see pics of myself ... None there, and I'm on the Monash/West Gate every morning!
  5. good thing theres no pics of me, the neons would blind everyone lol
  6. Hahaha good luck.

    With over 1000000 bikes in Aus and maybe 200 riders looking at this thread your chances of getting a hit are pretty low.
  7. Paragon has not heard of street photography then.....
  8. We have a Members Spotted thread in my local forum..
    It's fun. Small community and people get spotted every day.
    We usually say @member spotted on such and such road at such and such time on such and such day. Plus maybe a comment on what they were wearing etc..There is one only rider who has specifically requested that he not be included in the game... I hardly recognise many myself, except friends and those who's bikes really stand out, so its nice when you nod or wave at a rider and later in the day you see you were spotted.. However NR is australia wide, so would be more difficult I would imagine... cheers Pugsly.. keep on truckin (y)
  9. Thanks @SevenSins

    I was thinking, if the idea floated anyones boat, was to run a thread for each state, and post in the appropriate thread.

    There's probably only 1-2 people I'd recognise on the road, and I'm crap at recognising types of bikes so far, which is why I went the simpler approach with a few photos.

    From my point of view as a new rider, it helps me recognise other forum members, and like you, when on the other forums, I too enjoyed giving a wave and reading about being spotted later.

    Obviously it's not for everyone, and I'd encourage that if photos are posted to obscure plates if they're legible and not post anything that could get someone in trouble with the plod (tight cropping helps with that).
  10. Good work Justus. Look forward to seeing more pics
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  11. Me too (AJOR). Also has photos pop up from time to time.

    I've raised the idea of a spotted thread here. Like any community thing, it works on consensus. If the majority of people don't want pics. No pics.. If the majority are cool with pics, then post 'em. If the whole idea doesn't work for Netrider.. C'est la vie
  12. Newbies should not be intimidated.
  13. One thing, blot out the number plate
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  14. Unrelated examples of other legal but unwise activities is a thread tangent :coffee:

    I can't see the pics in OP which you reposted have much significance either way, except to show that small video cams attached to moving vehicles take duff photos!
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. yeah keep up the good work.
  17. It's too late to worry about privacy.
    Google went through that with the street view.

    So a few random photos won't make any difference (assuming obscured number plates), but will add some fun. I'd love to find myself one day in this thread :)
  18. I would dont know how many frames per second that camera records at but would need to be quick to catch me!!! ;-)
  19. i like it.
    monash riders rate second to only TT riders
    the only place you'd find more dangerous drivers would be Russia,
    takes lots of skill and balls to ride the monash at peak times.
    show us more of our real riders. no posers in this thread.