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spotted on google earth...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bikeboy, May 21, 2007.

  1. ...offshore near Manly :LOL:

    I wonder if this was a netrider?

    Looks like it's been there a while. Can't believe it's still standing up.


    any volunteers for a recky?

  2. Squids will park their bikes anywhere :shock: :wink:

  3. :rofl:

    Takes the term "liquid-cooled" to new depths!!!!
  4. Big night in manly the other night, now I finally remember where I left the zzr. Still looks the same, awesome! :rofl:
  5. screams "insurance job" !!!!
  6. Reminds me of a story Fluffy Bunny Feet told us when we were over in Adelaide. They dredged a major city river and found a skeleton under an old rusted Harley, still in patch club leathers.

    A few discreet enquiries were made around the patch clubs until the answer revealed itself - the bloke had been smashed off his knackers at a huge club piss-up, and he'd tried to jump across the river on his Harley. He made it about half-way and sank like a sack of bricks, getting trapped under the bike before anyone could get him out.

    What a way to go.... :shock:
  7. and they decided not to tell anyone about it?

  8. I saw that bike when I was doing a dive off Shelly Beach in January! Nice little artifical reef addition to the scenery.
  9. Shelley Beach is a popular snorkeling spot.

    I guess they could not afford to sink an old WWII ship to make an artificial reef. The next best thing I guess was this !
  10. Bahahahahahahaahhhahahahahaa.

    It was an attempt by the Japanese before they discovered submarines.
  11. So, 10 bonus point to the person that can identify the bike...
  12. no guys, this is kawasaki's first gen personal water craft design :rofl:
    As you can see, need some R&D!!
  13. Air in the tank? :)

    Netrider? Nah, Wetrider :grin: It's obviously a Harley Davyjoneson :)oops:).
  14. Old kawasaki 1100?
  15. Honda cb250/400 twin.
  16. I thought that at first, but even in a 20L~ tank, that much air wouldnt hold it upright, and it would leak slowly.

    I would say that its been stood up by some divers to make it look cooler.
  17. old honda 4 cylinder... 750
  18. I want one for my swimming pool :grin:
  19. Shouldn't be too hard to organise, push a bike into a pool and let it rust.

    I could do it for you, $500 + cost of parts. Take note, desired rusted effect can take time.
  20. Maybe they just stopped to make a call....