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Spotted in Fairfield Sat 5th

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Arik, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. Hello to whoever left a netrider card under my petrol cap (blue VTR250) on sunday on station st fairfield! - Just had a late brekkie, hung like a dog after a gig the night before and a 5am finish, and that made my day... The anonymous brotherhood does wonders for the bleak outlook of the repentant drinker. Saturday was a great day for a leisurely spin, even the hangover faded after a while.

    How do I get netrider cards?
  2. that was me baby ;)
    breaky at 2 pm :LOL: thats what I was in station st for too :LOL:
    Saw you riding towards the freeway later when i was walking home... where do you live?
  3. what nandos chick? and why do you have some stupid latin thing in your sig?
  4. i show the property on station street all the time , hate to live in that area
  5. Is this Station St Fairfield in NSW or another state? I am confused.... :? Arik's profile does not give a clue.
  6. Victoria. :)
  7. victoria silly... Fairfield in vic is nice :)
  8. THE hot nandos chick......PS she's hot ;)

    and because i'm cool :LOL:
  9. as cool as scotland in winter ;)
  10. Leave 'im alone. He's a legend in his own lunchbox.
  11. Well I hear he is quite big in the real world too ;)
  12. There's nothing fair (except perhaps the artist formerly called Eswen) and there aint no field in Fairfield.
  13. Cool, vicsmtbitch thanks for the howdy. i live in clifton hill - mebbe we should get a inner norf crew together and do yarra vly.
  14. come up to northland for sunday coffee or templestowe for wednesday coffee...

    Oh and im eswen :p
  15. sorry about that - am barred from netider at work so having to read n type on PDA which means everythings a bit bloody confoosing. where is the sunday cwarfee night held?
  16. Interfice errorem, diligere errantem -
    Kill the sin, love the sinner. (St. Augustine)