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Spotted in Chiangmai, Thailand

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by BIWOZ, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. Police over there seem to ride anything and everything, but this was a bit unusual. It was parked down a side alleyway. Don't know its age, but it wasn't new by any means, though it had been cared for immaculately.

  2. wow that's mint!
  3. Has it been ridden? Maybe its the Police Chiefs bike who never rides it and has people looking after it?
  4. The cops in Thailand have to supply their own bike (and gun) which is why they ride anything... of course, because they receive such lousy pay (through traditional means) they usually only have 100cc scooters... vrooooom bye bye :)

    I'll try and find out some info on this bike... it is 3 months since I was last in Chiang Mai, and over a month until I will be back :(
  5. from a mate in CM
  6. The old CB seems to be popular in SE Asia, I photgraphed this one in KL, Malaysia which was still in active service (that's the cop in the background).
  7. Those front mounted plates look like something specifically designed to hurt pedestrians. :shock: