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Spotted... Another chick rider...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by shaneo25, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. I no, I no... There has been many a threads like this b4, but dam I love chicks on bikes....
    Was driving the truck through willawong this arvo turning right onto learoyd rd from paradise rd and got the red light at the next lights. Behind me was a chick on a black ( I think new gsxr 6 or 700) I offered to let her slip past wile we had a red light but she declined, anyway, wen I took off the left lane freed up and I thought she will pass me here but after a few seconds is still couldn't see her so I went to move over and as I did I seen her moving over aswell.
    It was one of those moments where u think shit do I go or pull back.. Well, I could see she held back as she moved over so I kept merging and a second later she gunned it past me on the right...

    My thoughts at the time: dam that bike looks and sounds good...
    And, I wish I could get my missus to ride...
    Any1 got any tips on convincing a non-rider to give it a go???
    She loves getting on the back of the bike for short rides, and she likes riding dirt bikes, but I think she just lacks the confidence to give road riding a go...
    So any tips????


  2. ever been pillion on your own bike?
    does it hurt your wrists?

    Some bikes suck to be pillion on, my Daytona is a c%^& to be a pillion on IMHO.

    Maybe she's not comfy as pil? Maybe get her riding one somehow or pillion on another bike if you can borrow a mates sports-tourer or something??
  3. Boobs.

    That is all.

  4. First off does she have an interset in riding ??
    If so, your half way there.

    I was lucky, my missus liked being on the back of my bike, then I brought her riding gear, then we had a discussion about what sort of bikes she liked and what I thought was suitable for a learner rider.

    Then came the big question, would you like to learn ?

    yes came the answer so I brought her a 2008 GS500F (she hates naked bikes).

    Now shes off restrictions, has sold that bike and rides my old CBR1000F.

    We have great fun doing w/e's away with each other, we talk to each over over intercom and yeah, it kinda feels funny these days riding without her (she doesnt like the winter months).

    The important thing is take it slow, dont make her do anything she doesnt wanna do.

    Best of luck with it

  5. keep an eye on the near misses thread now, prob get a female saying this bloody truck was pissin me off, i went left, he went left, i went right he went right so i gunned it past him

    and for the record, i like riding my mrs :D
  6. :worthlesspics:
  7. WOW! I spotted a MALE rider today! ;)
  8. Damned minority. Pipe down :p
  9. not again.](*,)

    fark me! women can actually ride bikes?

    bit like asking how to get your SO to give BJ's or taking it in the pooper, no?

    if she's not into it, she's not into it.
  10. chloroform works wonders.
  11. I gave my mrs a rider training course for her birthday, then bought her a bike, she rode it to work for 6 months before we moved and had to sell it..
    Then Bought another Harley and she got the sportster, first time she rode it I followed her around and when we got back I told her it was broken and pulled it apart before she killed herself.. No road or traffic awareness at all..
    She was quite happy doing thousands of km's pillion, and used to fall asleep, a lot.
  12. Hah, so she was a shite rider? Ah well. Some have it in them, some don't.

  13. Seriously, she fell asleep on anything more than an hour ride.. and sometimes shorter rides as well.
    Current mrs foot does the same..
  14. I don't think that's safe....? :-s
  15. It happens when they are so comfortable and relaxed with your riding, my late wife used to fall asleep or read quiet often when on the back of the old CB900 on the many Melb / Syd trips we did (y)

    Although I also got slaps to the back off the helmet when I played to much, usually when her pegs started to scrape as well :angel:
  16. if she likes dirt bikes you're 3/4 there. she'll do great. got any friends with a 250 they'd be happy to let her try. just gently encourage her to give it a go.

    what's her personality type? talk to her in benefits that would appeal to her. if she's competitive, make a goal or competition out of it. if she's social, talk about the great travels you could do together and people you could meet (2 bikes 2 lots of panniers - more clean undies, less washing). if she's technical talk bike specs. you get the gist. you know her and what she enjoys. she's your wife. don't ask us.

    as for being so excited about a girl on a bike, well, good luck to you buddy for being so easily pleased. my partner still finds it sexy that i ride and i love that i don't have to do anything other than something i love to turn him on ;-)
  17. Give her a small non threatening bike, lots of patience, plenty of lessons, and she'll be addicted!!