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Spotted a rare one in the city today...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. I wouldn't have looked twice if it wasn't for the four exhausts, two high underseats and two mounted lower... Four exhausts? Huh?

    Wandered over to have a squizzy and whaddya know? A suzuki RG500 2-stroke race rep of the 1980's. I don't think I've ever seen one before. It looks fascinating, and from what I've read they're quite an experience to ride as well - vicious powerband characteristics of a 2-stroke with the power of a 1980s litre bike and flyweight to boot... And notoriously unreliable.

    I took a couple of cameraphone shots, pm me if you want them emailed over, they're not great but will show you roughly what the thing looks like.

    I'm tempted to hang around near close of business to try to catch the guy starting it up... Wonder what they sound like?
  2. RZ 500 (1985) had the four exhausts too, 2 up 2 down. It did 230 kph 2 up!! it flew. I loved it :) I reckon the RZ looked better. sold more too. I think the RG was called the "Gamma". Used to turn the ignition on and hear the little power valves whirring away. kickstart too. I would love another one.
  3. The RZ500 looked better and sold better but was less powerful and (slightly) poorer handling.

    There was also an NSR400 V-Triple 2 smoke... now _that_ is a rare beastie (only ever saw one of those... and that was 20 years ago) :)
  4. ..and an NSR250 3 cylinder 2 smoker too......
  5. Yeah the RZ's were not that rare. Apparently a steering dampner would fix most of their handling problems however.
  6. CurtainGirl, you are clearly a (PC gender neutral something), after my own heart. Somebody said in another thread, "linear power delivery is for girls", and you just have to go prove them wrong. :p
  7. We had a steering dampner fitted before we took it out of the shop. It had a 16 inch front wheel and that was supposed to be a big deal. it steered pretty quick. My boyfriend at the time ( now ex-husband) and his cousin swapped bikes for a day ( cousin had Harley Low Rider). So funny to see portly cousin in flannie shirt and black potty helmet hunched over fancy sportsbike. He handed it back after 10 minutes!!!
  8. That's the fella!
  9. a friend of mine had one for about 3 months....

    He called it the widow maker.... Apparently the power was almost uncontrollable... He wrote it off 3 months after buying it when he accidentally hit the powerban whilst cornering...
  10. Widowmaker indeed...

    There's a certain sort of fascination to bikes that you ehar are unrideable...
  11. RG500 a widowmaker :shock: A stocky had a nice smooth powerband. Try a ported one with some decent chambers. Now we're starting to talk fun.