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Spots on stripes (New bike! Woo!)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spots, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. After a six month hiatus from riding, I present to you: Stratocat


    2008 Triumph Tiger 1050 ABS. For when you absolutely, positively need a sports-standard so tall that you can see over 4x4 rooftops.

    Picked it up on Friday afternoon. I've already put about 600km on its clock.

    A verbose and hopefully entertaining 1000km review coming soon, to a Bike Reviews, Thoughts and Suggestions forum near you! Right now, though, bedtime. :)
  2. Wow. That's one great pic. Congratulations on the new bike! :)
  3. V nice, congrats.
  4. Very nice, congrats and enjoy!
  5. Very nice!

    Congrats on the new ride just make sure you keep Spots on top!

  6. Very nice bike mate, I was considering one of these when i upgraded! I look forward to reading your review :)
  7. Congrats spots it's very very nice. :grin:

    The bike just screams ..ride me hard, fast and all day loooonnngggg. :cool:
  8. They're a sweet ride :cool: Was considering another Speed Triple, but would seriously look at one of those. Congrats
  9. You can join the "What's happening with motorcycling?" thread now, and look down on all the other riders :rofl:

    Seriously, looks like a nice machine, I look forward to the ride reports..
  10. Thanks everyone. :)

    It's been a total hoot so far, very confidence inspiring and absurdly quick (coming from a VTR250).

    Go for it! The Tiger is afterall a really tall semi-faired two-seat luggage-friendly Speed Triple for tall people. :) It's at least worth a testride.
  11. Sexxxxyyy
    out of curiosity, how heavy is it?
  12. Officially, 197-198kg, plus about 3 kilograms for the ABS brake model.

    I came from a 140-ish kilogram Honda VTR250.

    The Tiger carries its weight very well, though. I only start to notice its weight when below 5kph - it's a little harder to balance at nearly-stationary speeds, and duckwalking it with the engine off takes a lot more effort too.

    Once underway at any sensible speed, it's very stable and the wide handlebars make the steering very light and 'confident'. Like a really, really powerful, really tall Honda CB250.
  13. Bloody Awesome !!!!
    Congrats mate !!
  14. Totally sweet! Coincidentally saw an older one of these down the shops last night and thought 'Hmm, possibly the only one of the road-adventure class I could own'. Then you post up this piece of sex on wheels!

    Looking forward to your review.
  15. Very noice! Luv that pic - all dark and moody.
    I haven't ridden a Tiger since they went to 955, let alone 1050, so I'll be very interested to see your review when it comes. This model has always been on the radar for me. It seems Triumph have moved well away from adventure dual-sport and part-way towards the new multi-cylinder motard segment. Sort of falls between a Multistrada and a Supermoto to me (and that's a good thing).

    And having just made the leap to a lofty seat height myself, welcome to the upper atmosphere - the view is fine!
  16. hot looking bike spots....never really looked into them much are they a dual sports or straight naked road bike
  17. Nice bike...
    Nice pic...
    Might want to put that in the pic of the month comp
    Might want to give the bike to me...
    But maybe now I am just dreaming
  18. Cheers. :)

    Officially, it's a road bike only. A tall, semi-faired sports-standard like the Multistrada or BMW F650CS ("Scarver") or the V-strom.

    Unofficially... People armour their V-stroms and take them offroad on gravel and dirt roads - nothing too hairy. The aftermarket has released a suite of crashbars, sump guards and the like for the Tiger 1050 so that the same can be done with the big cat. It's no enduro/dualsport, but reviews and ride reports say that like the V-strom it's very capable on gravel and dirt roads.

    The rear brake caliper is on the bottom of the swingarm, the exhaust runs under (beside) the sump, etc, and it runs on 17" tyres. Not really suited to proper offroading. :)
  19. Well, enough of the chit-chat; when are you going to be up at the Pie Shop so I can eyeball this eighth wonder of the motorcycling world :lol???
  20. *chuckles* The minute this damn rain stops. Macquarie Pass is greasy as all heck at the best of times, letalone when it's raining.

    Back in Melbourne on the VTR, if I had to put on wet weather overpants I wanted the rain to be biblical. Never happened. Not once.

    Friday afternoon I pick up the Tiger, no overpants - A spot of biblical rain on the way home.

    Saturday I go for a ride, Albion Park -> Jamberoo -> Kiama -> Nowra -> Kangaroo Valley (lunch!) -> Robertson -> Albion Park and home. Patches of heavy rain.

    Sunday, rode to a friend's place in Sydney. What do you think happens on the way there, and on the way back? ;) Heaviest downpour I've ever rode in.

    I'm far from being a fair-weather rider, but is it too much to ask for a sunny, dry day so I can explore the 'strange angles' Triumph suggests the Tiger is capable of?! :LOL:

    I do want to tag along to one of the Illawarra Riders events tho'. :)