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Spot the odd one out in this group

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by rc36, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. This was taken last Christmastime when some mates of mine and me did a week's tour around Victoria. Stopped at the Cann River for a cuppa.


    Did I feel intimidated???

  2. Odd one out? Easy .. the 2nd and 5th bikes from the left. A free coffee tonight to the person that can pick why :)
  3. Your drunk and as a result can't count and counted the red blur twice?
  4. Nope :p
  5. Dammit, I was THERE and I can't figure it out!!
    Typical OFARC.
  6. Each has a helmet on the ground next to it.
  7. It's RED and I want it!!
  8. The car in the background ?
  9. Then the guy who rides the bike in the middle (that is of the five that arent a VFR :)) must have 2 heads.
  10. No red on them?
    Not hondas?
    You're pulling our leg?
  11. A girl rides the red one ?
  12. Your all hopeless :) :p

    The 2nd and 5th bikes from the left are the odd one's out because they have full face helmets :)
  13. I didn't think bikes HAD helmets, I thought their RIDERS did!!!

  14. on the 2nd bike are you talking about the helmet on the ground or the one on the mirror 8)
  15. This possibly works for the fourth bike as well, look on the wall between 4 and 5, looks to be another full face helmet. Could be wrong though.
  16. I thought it was the touring bike.

    The one with hard luggage....