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Spot the IT guy

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by geeth, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. As the title says, spot the IT guy


  2. lol.

    More like 1888? :D
  3. Bahahaha! Oh wow.... Some pretty poor choices in layout, design and marketing right there and all over the site...very interesting.
  4. an instant classic, geeth!!!
  5. So the CEO founded the company in 1993... and the hairy bloke has been there since 1988... Interesting.
  6. Besides the fact that he looks like Jesus, it shows that they have no idea what he really does as they have multi paragraph job descriptions for everyone and his is less then vague.

    Just noticed it's an aussie company

    Deans Property

    255 Broadway
    Broadway NSW 2007
  7. And he's the web guy!! Maybe he did it all as a joke?
  8. Charles Manson works in real estate?
  9. Hahaha well spotted!
  10. Top left, right?
  11. Maybe he's the guy that matches ferrals with property
  12. Or he's the one they send round when they're behind with the rent?
  13. 'City and Fringe Real Estate Leaders'

    He definitely looks after the fringe dwellers.........hell, he might even be their leader!!!
  14. No. Centre bottom, top