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VIC Spot the Cop - Camo Cops in the Valley

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mjt57, May 14, 2010.

  1. The Latrobe Valley now has its own squad of undercover traffic police which is targetting "speeding motorcyclists".

    In the Thurs (13th May) edition of the Latrobe Valley Express. This headline article:



    Sorry for the crap scans but the scanner can only take A4 and this article is considerably larger. I don't have the time to fiddle with it to make one large image. Hopefully, though, it will give you the picture, as it were.

    So, anyone planning any rides down this way, say to Walhalla or wherever, remember this and take it easy.
  2. what gimps. I bet anyone who's really in the militery are lol'ing when they see that. They could atleast paint the tripod.
  3. Nothing new...
    Been doing that in the spurs for a while now so only expanding their operations.
  4. Joe, the point of this thread is to alert riders to the fact that they're doing it here now.
  5. I didn't mean my post to be negative in any way as I believe their success (that's the plod term not mine) in the spurs is why they're expanding.

    These alerts are always welcomed.
  6. ffs this is getting ****ing crazy......the terriorist hot line might start getting a few calls about shading looking people strange places
  7. Guys in camo...
    Obviously trying not to be seen by passers by...
    Appear to have a gun of some sort... :popcorn:
  8. Wouldn't this be some kind of OH&S issue for the coppers? So close to a main road without hi-vis gear?
  9. F#$%ing Stasi.

    These kinky paramilitary fantasies are getting way out of control. How long before they start using live ammo on us?
  10. Ah I can see it now, "" police now have hi-tech lasers that shuts down engine when shot at speeding motorcyclists brigning them to a complete stop..... ""
  11. i am waiting for a member of the public to one on them.....and to be quite honest (right atm) i would probably support the actions of someone that did, it's just completely and utterly out of control
  12. Can't see either picture
  13. I had the same but you can try to right click on the link , save image to you pc and open it from there. That worked for me.
  14. Yep. You've exceeded your data quota Marty!

    EDIT: Check. Download works.

    PS: Looks like a bogan to me. I would feel threatened. That is a gun sight he is pointing at me isn't it? Someome will shoot one of them soon, for sure.

    PPS: How many accidents happen in this new area they are targeting? How many innocent parties are hurt? It is just because they can't always go to the Spurs, isn't it. Just job creation.
  15. Cheers, that worked.

    Pretty annoying crap, but hey, I try to choose roads that I can't "speed" on anyway.
  16. More likely, "20 Muslim IRA terrorist insurgent motorcyclists were eliminated today in a battle with our heroic and manly special police force agents. It was suspected the motorcyclists were armed with nuclear weapons of mass destruction and intent on the overthrow of civilisation. Their bodies were burned to destroy evid.... er, contamination. Our Beloved Chairman Brumby will bestow medals on the troops tomorrow."
  17. Somebody should tell those professional retards that if they don't want us there, we'll take our petrol money, food money, accommodation money, and spend it elsewhere.

    Harley riders will also take their tow-truck money, and spend it elsewhere.
  18. Sorry for the faulty links. I think someone fixed them by putting "url" codes in the links.
  19. ****ing wankers, **** the lot of them


    Will it make the roads safer...NO

    Will it earn shitloads of cash and alienate motorcyclists/motorists...YES

    Meanwhile people will continue to get bashed, mugged, stabbed, raped and murdered...

    I guess after some junkie shanks me at the train staion for 50 cents and while I'm lying there bleeding out on the pavement, at least I'll have that warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that as my heart stops beating... the pigs in camo have spent 10's of thousands of dollars to "catch somebody before they get hurt"

    Maybe we should change rego plates "Victoria the place to be" to "Victoria..enforcing the law...but only when theres a dollar in it for the state"
  20. Should report to the anti-terrorism lines that there is someone hiding in the bushes in army gear point a device at motorists!