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Spot the Band... (Large Image Warning!)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by QuarterWit, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. There's 72 Band names here. Buggered if i can find them all.


    1.The Pixies (Floating around top Left)
    2. The Dead Kennedys (Posted on the wall, far left)
    3. Guns and Roses (On cart, far left)
    4. Queen (Foreground, left half)
    5. White Zombie (Centre, far left)
    6. 9 Inch Nails (Foreground, right half)
    7. Smashing Pumpkins (Foreground, right half)
    8. Alice In Chains (Centre, far right)
    9. Blur (Centre, far right)
    10. Scissor Sisters (Foreground, right half)
    11. Radiohead (Middleground, cetre)
    12 The Eagles (top Right)
    13. Gorillaz (Top Right)
    14. The B-42's (In the sky)
    15. The Rolling Stones (Background, middle)
    16. Crowded House (Middle, right half)
    17. Black Flag (Middle, right half)
    18. Hole (Middle Ground, middle)
    19. The Beach Boys (Middleground, right)
    20. Garbage (Middleground, centre)
    21. Led Zepplin (Top Left, in sky)
    22. The Lemonheads (In the fruitstand, bottom right)

    There's a couple more in there that I'm not too sure are right.
    (The Blues Brothers?) But 72? I've got no idea.

    Post up ones you spot. I think i could get to 30, but then... nothing.
  2. I've seen this before and have the "answer" picture. Let me know when you want me to post it.
  3. Not just yet... I enjoy a little bit of mental anguish on a friday morning.
  4. I could see a few more

    Dinosaur Jr - foreground left
    Cowboy Junkies - centre right
    U2 - centre right on the building wall
    Green Day - foreground right (calendar)
    The Eels - foreground centre
    White Snake - centre, around lamp post
    Matchbox 20 - foreground right
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers - foreground far right
    The Police - middle
    Talking Heads - TVs in window, centre right (not sure about this one)
  5. COOL! :cool: :cool:
    now I know what I'll be doing for a while.
  6. Rolling Stones(coming down the street)
    Screaming Jets(in the air)
    Seal (poster behind zombie)
    Presidents of the USA (2 x posters on wall under light)
    50cent ( half dollar next to guns n roses)
    Counting Crows ( on street sign)
    Skipping girl (3 girls on street)
    Girlfriend (girls kissing against traffic light pole)
    Greenday ( calender, bottom right corner)
    Jewel (bottom right hand corner on ground)
    White stripes (crossing on road)
    Bee Gee's ( letters on building wall centre right)
    Korn (on vege cart right bottom)
    Men without hats (3 guys on the roof) that one's a long shot.......
    The Ferns ( left of queens feet)
    Goldfish (bottom right)
  7. A couple that I spotted:

    1. The Doors (against building- middle)
    2. The Cars (middle)
    3. Deep purple (building, background)
    4. Madonna (painting window left)
    5. 50 Cent (front left)
    6. Prince (front middle)
    7. The monkeys
    8. Sex Pistols (middle front)
    9. The beach boys (rigt, middle)

  8. Green day - Calendar on fruit stand
    u2 - on the wall above talking heads
    the doors - behind the white people dancing on left
    50 cent - to left of guns n roses
    prince - being held up by the queen
    the vines - coming out of the drain to left of queen
    The black cows - sitting on the Main st sign
    The choir boys - group of white dudes dancing middle left(also could be the cult)
    m&m - candy on ground above match box 20
    The angles - amongst the pixies
    Iron maiden - that thing crossing the road
  9. Matchbox 20 (Forground the number 20 made out of matchboxes)
    Smashing Pumpkins Forground (Guy with a sledgie smashing pumpkins)
  10. There is a bit missing off that original pic.
    Found the rest..
  11. Pet shop boys
    Cherry bikini (shop window)
    Snapdragons (behind guns n roses on cart)
    The Mail Man (at letter box)
  12. Blind Melon - Bottom Right
    Spoon - Centre Right
  13. the scorpions bottom left
  14. you mean B-52's :wink:

    a typo in the OP
  15. pet shop boys

    the eagles
  16. B-52s - Flying, top middle.
  17. I can see...

    - Led Zepplin
    - The Gorillaz
    - Guano Apes [also^?]
    - The Eagles
    - U2
    - White Snake
    - Rob Zombie
    - Rolling Stones
    - Petshop Boys
    - Beachboys
    - Guns & Roses
    - Skinny Puppy
    - Queen
    - Sex Pistols
    - Scissor Sisters
    - Nine Inch Nails
    - Smashing Pumpkins
    - Matchbox 20
    - Iron Maiden
    - Radiohead
    - The Police
    - Alice In Chains
    - Korn
    - Blind Melon
    - Dinosaur Jr
    - The Eels
    - The B52's
    - The Screaming Jets [also^?]
    - Jet [also^?]
    - The Scorpions
    - Cake
    - Garbage
    - Deep Purple
    - Pink
    - Seal
    - Madonna
    - The Dead Presidents
    - The Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    - The White Stripes
    - Black Flag
    - 50 Cent
    - Eminem
    - Hole
    - Yellow
    - The Cars
    - The Datsuns [also?]
    - Kiss
    - Golden Earring
    - Crowded House
    - Blur
    - Prince

    mmm, I think I'm at the end of my musical general knowledge. There's huge props there, I just haven't heard of the bands! :p
  18. Cypress Hill
  19. Can you post the answer picture for us now please?