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Spot On

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. quick question....

    anyone dealt with Spot On motorcyles on Elizabeth St?

    just interedtid in reputation... ok to deal with? Avaoid at all costs? Service dept?

    sales guy seemed genuine when i spoke to them.



  2. i got my bike from there
    and didnt have a problem with them so i guess
    thats a thumb up
    from me
  3. I have never heard anything bad although they sell alot of bikes so dont know what their aftermarket service is like
    Just ring em tell them you brought a bike there around 2-3 grand and you need a service and see what they say then you know for yourself :)
  4. thanks guys....
  5. Bought a (RWC'd) VFR there once.
    At first service (elsewhere), the mech realised the disks were undersize.
    This was within a fortnight of the purchase, so the RWC must have been dodgy.
    Spot-on initially grumbled, but did fit legal second-hand disks to remedy the situation. No better or worse than expected.
  6. well if i get anything there i will be getting someone a bit more knowlegable to help me just to make sure everything is ok... i'd do this no matter who was selling it.

  7. bought my zx9 from them its still going 20,000 ks later so i guess there ok, never had anyservicing done there thats done by race replica :grin:
  8. I bought my bueatiful Vtr1000 from there (now sold) and it never missed a beat in 4 years of ownership. There was nothing wrong with the bike whatsoever, but I never went back for a service or anything like that.

    They did a great deal at the time for cash and were the only guys on Elizabeth street that really wanted to do a deal to get the sale.

    A completely fuss free process I suppose.
  9. i was thinking of buying there and doing most of the service myself or at a local dealer

    cheers for the reports guys