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Spot-On Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by noobie_rider, May 24, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    What's the rep on Spot-On motorcycles on Elizabeth St, Melbourne?
    Anyone heard any bad/good stories about them?
  2. I purchased my zx9 from them nearly 2 years ago and found them very good :grin:
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  3. i found their customer service excellent when shopping for a bike..didn't end up buying there but would go back for when upgrade time arrives.
  4. Just another used vehicle dealer. I bought from them once. A few minor niggles, but they came to the table... eventually. Keep your wits about you.
  5. Be careful buying insurance from them, they bent me right over because I assumed a price was a price. It ain't.
  6. Consensus is that they're OK. I'm pretty terrible at haggling/bargaining, do guys have tips on haggling for he best price?

  7. I have a tip, 1 slab and I'll do the haggling for ya :)
  8. I've posted about this somewhere before, but last year a mate living interstate asked me to check out a Kawasaki ZR7 he'd seen on Spot-On's website.

    The bike was an immaculate low-mileage example that was a delight to ride, I found the sales staff there to be pleasant enough, and my mate was able to negotiate a price he was happy with. And the bike hasn't missed a beat since then.

    So his experience with them was positive.
  9. hello, i can't help but dig up an old thread,

    is there any more experience since then?

    many thanks in advance.
  10. I'm digging up your dug-up thread!

    Sooooo, these guys still a relatively decent place to look?
  11. i got my cbr125 from them. it was listed at 4390. i said,
    "oh, you dont have any agv stealth helmets, what do you reckon you could do one for with the bike?". they said we can make it 4300 with rego rwc and helmet and a pair of RST gloves. was happy. only problem was no service logbook, and ive asked them about it a few times since, and emailed them, but in the end it was my fault because i didnt ask about it when i bought it lol.
    but they were great in every other facet and gave me more than 6 weeks to get the rest of the cash together after i put a deposit down.
    they also delivered for free. so yeah, ill be looking there for my next bike for sure.
    hope this helps

  12. :grin:

    That is what I like to hear. If you don't mind my asking, what sort of deposit did you have to put down?
  13. well i put the 3 grand id saved till that point.
    unusual maybe, but i knew i wanted it and yeah, they knew i was going to buy it so they didn't pressure me at all to pay it off quickly or whatever. i said they would have their cash in full in 5 or 6 week and yeah they said no worries.
    seemed like good genuine blokes. the salesman i saw was Jamie and he steered me right away from the nsr150's. i was really keen on morbo's until he told me for a learner he couldn't recommend a 2 stroke as a first road bike. they were both listed at the same price, he had nothing to really gain from telling me this but yeah good blokes.

    they did make me sign the "cooling off period" waiver tho, so they knew they were getting their cash i suppose.

  14. Very cool. I'm gonna drop in there this week to have a closer look at the two they have that I'm interested in, see what there is to see.
  15. Jamie is very good to deal with and does a great wheelie!

  16. Wow, two separate recommendations for the same salesperson. Clearly the world is ending :rofl:
  17. Good place, and good stock. Go see them and ask for Dave, he'll take care of you
  18. Aaaaarrrrrgh, they sold the F4i I wanted already.
  19. Lol. It's 0k Chicken little the sky isn't falling. hehe
  20. Of course not, F4is are just surprisingly hard to find right now. :-k