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Spot on Motorcycles ?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by I'm Simon, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I am currently looking around for a bike, passed my Ls 2 weeks ago and obviously would like to get a bike but am in no real hurry. I was talking to an acquaitance on the weekend that has bought 2 bikes from Spot On Motorcycles in Elizabeth Street. he tells me that they were good to deal with and was happy with his purchases. Anyone else here bought a bike from them ? How was the experience, would you go back ?

    Another query that I have is that I see dealers offering warranties on 2nd hand bikes, I didn't think that warranties had to be supplied on 2nd hand motor vehicles in Vic... what sort of warranties are they ?

  2. I went to Spot On once but didn't buy the bike I was looking at. Largely because the salesman had told be before hand that it wasn't a great bike, was over priced and I'd be sure to find much better examples if I keep looking. When I saw the bike, I agreed with him and found a great, well priced low km example 2 weeks later. :grin:

    Based on that, I'd send other buyers their way. :)
  3. These blokes aren't banana brains,they tend to know within 2 minutes if you know what's going on,if they think they can do this :bannanabutt: to you,they will.Seany knows his shit so perhaps they didnt even bother trying,no vaselene was required coz he could still tell even with a bit of lubing,I cant bulls*it this guy.
    I was looking at a Bandit aways back in spoton and they ended up selling this bike for like 500 bucks less than a new one,11k,originally they had it marked at 9990$,with 5k on the clock,to a guy who obviously didnt know what they were worth new.They dont stay in business by giving you a fantastic deal :grin: If youre not confident, have a friend look over the machine who knows his stuff
  4. many moons a go...i bought a first bike there for my brother
    The used GeePeeX2fiddy was ok
    and the backup service...no complaints
  5. A couple of months ago a mate of mine in Canberra found a low-mileage Kawasaki ZR-7 being advertised by SpotOn online. He was interested in getting it for his wife, and asked me to check it out.

    Upshot: it was in mint condition, he got it for a fair price and he found them pleasant and helpful to deal with.

    I'm sure they sell their fair share of dogs too - but you should be in "buyer beware" mode if you're looking for a second hand bike, no matter who the seller is.

    I wouldn't rule them out by any means.
  6. I have bought 2 bikes from them now,
    Can’t complain, service was good,
    I told them straight up what I was looking for, so that helps.
    Do some research, Sit on a few different bikes, find out what you like,
    Then shop around for the best bike.

    If you do go to Spot-On, ask for Jamie.
    He helped me out both times!

    If you buy a bike from Spot-On, make sure you get at least a 2 month warranty.
    They will do it if you are prepared to deal.
  7. Thanks for the replies, all seems pretty positive.

    Jaws - do they tend to discount gear if you buy the bike from them ?
  8. Most shops will.

    With Spot-On there range is very limited.
    I had my gear already, so I wasn't looking for any.
    But, they were going to discount a helmet & Jacket as spare pillion gear.

    Ask, and you shall receive....
  9. All I know about these guys is that when I didn't buy the bike I was looking at, but came back to get insurance from them as a "thank you" for the time they had put in with me, they bent me over and buggered me like a choir boy. My premium for my 250 was f*cking enormous, with a ridiculously rude excess on i too. Not real happy about that but it'll serve me right for not shopping around.

    Another dealer for the same insurance company got me $400 off the premium and $700 off the excess when I moved up to the 900 after an AT-FAULT crash! Shows you how bad the deal Spot-on gave me was.
  10. Friend bought an older bike from there, which looked nice and restored and was told it was one of the boss's mates bike etc., and made sure he got a written warranty with it. When a fault was found with the bike, and quite a large one that virtually made the bike imposible to ride, they were in no way interested in honouring the warranty. Words to the effect of "there's nothing wrong with it, dunno what you're on about". I dare say it was the realisation of how much it would cost to get repaired, or having to giving the money back, rather than incompetancy of their mechanics. So that may suggest their warranties don't mean squat and you'd have to fight if there was anything seriously wrong.
  11. Good bikes but expensive - better luck in the trading post and getting a good mechanic to inspect it pre-purchase.
  12. Their listed prices are fairly expensive, but they are willing to negotiate quite a bit.

    I bought a bike from them, and have been happy with it