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Spot for all 4 days of GP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by undii, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Hi, seeing as I won a free double pass for the GP and my gf can't go (work commitments) I have a free spot. I am giving preference to anyone staying at the place I am (everyone there has tix but anyone 'new' staying, can take up on my offer) The link for the accommodation where I am staying at is here

    If no one has taken up on staying there by next week I'll let people PM me if they want the ticket and I'll choose or whatever on whoever is most flexible to go in with me (IF that's what the ticket is, if it's for 2 indivdual people, I'll choose whoever is first/easiest available to pick it up) I find out on Sunday with regards to the ticket so I'll make a post about the ticket then. But if anyone takes up the offer on the accommodation where I am, $200 for the 4 days, they'll get the spot :grin:

    Hope I save someone some $$$ :)

    *edit* Possible change of free to $$ change due to losing $$ today (Let's say it was over $50) :mad:
  2. If noone decides to take up the accommodation then I shotgun the ticket :p
  3. To the people who have PM'ed me, I haven't "seriously" thought about it, I've been a wee little bit too preoccupied with stuff today. Only way I can really think of doing this is with a raffle. If you want the odds stacked in your favour, every $10 increment offer for the ticket (from 0 ;) ) I'll put an extra 'ticket' with your name in the hat.

    It's seriously doing my head in with the weekends (mental + time consuming) activities to work out a way of doing it so I'll do the above mentioned raffle roughly this time tomorrow (Monday 9:30 PM) night and send the winner a PM soon as the name is drawn.

    Sorry if it doesn't sound fair but only way I can think of it without giving preference to "first in first served" due to my (painkiller) influenced view that I hate first in first served :eek: Also I lost money after the expo, over $50. So whoever wins the raffle, if they made a $$ offer or free, gets it for whatever..

    *edit* It is an individual ticket for the 3 days General Admin
  4. Sorry to all but I did the raffle, so if I haven't PMed you, you haven't "won". I'm a bit tired from doing it, so Im gonna get ZzzZ's.