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sporty, sports touring tyre.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ibast, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. I need a new rear tyre.

    I'm currently running a bridgstone battlax. It's kind of an indifferent tyre.

    I commute to work every day 90km. Combination of freeway and start stop.

    I don't get out in the twisties as much as I would like.

    I run a dunlop 220 on the front and it is too touring oriented.

    The Metzler Z6 looks OK. Has anyone had experience with this?

    I don't believe in putting touring tyres on a sportsbike, but I can't afford to run sports tyres with the k's I do.

    Is there any other suggestions?
  2. Which battlaxe?

    Z6, 020, Pilot Rd would be my pick for what you need.
    Remembering all of those are more touring oriantated than your ave sport tyre but will do the k's.

  3. Diablo Strada by Pirelli are a beaut tyre for what you're after. Grip plus durability.
  4. :WStupid: :WStupid: :WStupid: :biker:
  5. Another vote for the Pirelli Diablo Strada...
    I managed to get 10,000km's out of my rear, and that includes my usual shenanegans involving reducing front tyre use. :) The end of it's life came about because of a puncture not because of lack of tread.

    The only time i felt it wasnt quite what i wanted was when i was pushing harder than 7/10ths and the pressure started to climb. I used to run the rear cold at 38psi, and on the few times i actually measured it hot it was up to ~45psi which felt quite light and skippy. I guess it's just that if you ride it hard you need to drop the rear tyre pressure to ~35 or so.
  6. i run metzeler mez4's with plenty of success.

    i like 'em and they provide plenty of grip/k's for me and my million kilo bike. and they are mid-range price-wise.

    they did come out oem on some sports/tourers with mixed response but work good for me :)
  7. Ended up going the Pirelli diablo.

    So for so good.

    The interesting thing was the previous tyre was the wrong size proflie (55). so now the bike is sitting a little different with the 60 profile tyre.

    Feels good.

    I'll let you know what it's when the weather clears up and I get rid of the release compound from the tyre