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Sporty Sports-Tourers

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by waffles, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    So its that time when I want to get a new bike as I'm almost off restrictions... I am thinking about a sports tourer, and I'm having trouble deciding between the kwaka zx9r, honda vfr800 (both versions), honda vtr1000 and the aprilla rst futura... the newer vfrs are a bit more expensive, but I really like them (a little on the high end of the price range though), I have heard great things about the zx9rs, vtr1000s and vfr800s but absolutely nothing about the futuras... loking at spending sub 10k but ideally 6-8k

    any input would make things easier, but really I need to get off the restrictions so I can go and test ride them... but for now, please assist my day dreaming (and avoidance of doing any actual work). particularally any on the futura, as I can't find much info on it but the are quite cheap for what they apear to be...

    I suppose some of what I want from a bike is suitable too, reliable, good fun in twisties, enough power for freeways, comfort and not so fat I can't lane split through sydney traffic, mostly just for weekend riding though as I walk to work/uni (doing a phd so it's basically the same thing...)

  2. I would consider a Blackbird if your looking for a sporty sports tourer... a great all rounder and excellent value for money..
  3. ZX-9R, the thinking man's superbike!
  4. I had semi considered the blackbird, but I was thinking it was getting to be a bit big to throw through twisties...

    also, how many kays is too many with bikes in this sort of size range, withough having to spend $$$ on repairs?
  5. Shame the Futura wasn't a commercial success, it looks horn. :)

    I'm thinking of starting a petition for Triumph to make a Sprint ST 675. That would be my perfect bike. The Sprint ST 1050 is too heavy and large for my likes (I don't like turning around when I meet a dirt road).

    Otherwise, when my financial situation improves from "near-poverty" to "surviving", I think I will investigate how much I can fool around with the seating geometry on the Daytona.
  6. How did the ZX-R9 end up on your list? Sure, i'd say they are a good bike from what I have read but in a different league to a VTR or VFR.

    Listen to what RC36 said.
  7. the futura look interesting... very big up front from the photos though, and very cheap considering...

    as for the zx9r, a mate had one and thought it was great, and from what i've read around here they aren't too bad for longer rides either, which is a primary concern as I dont mind doing 10 hr days of riding (but I wouldn't mind being a bit more comfortable than I am on the VTR250 atm...)
  8. Hmm.. I'm not sure a ZX-9R is going to be more comfortable than a VTR250. 10 hours on a ZX-9R.. I'd like to hear from someone who has done it.

    I could be wrong?
  9. Plenty of zx9r owners do big trips on them, no problems.
  10. Fair enough then.
  11. A VTR250 is not so great on a 10 hour ride either... lots of wind and just a bit too much of a knee bend for me... but it really does take 8-9 hours before it gets to you...
  12. I have done 134.000 ks in nearly four years on my zx9.she currently has 151,000 on her and still gets up and boogies.As for comfort no problems there you can sit on her all day without any dramas.I would advise to get a 2000 upwards model ideally a 02 as they were the finished product and a lot lighter than the early models also with major upgrades like swingarm,suspension and motor.A good 02 model will probably set you back 7-9,000.The only repairs i have had to get done was 2 fuel pumps,one at 70,000 and another at 130,000.I also do a bit of commuting and lane splitting is not a problem.These bikes appear large but with the right set up and a competent rider are very handy in the twisties
  13. Ricecooker has been to Perth on her ZX9R, regularly competes in Iron Butt events.

    Blackbirds are great, pretty heavy tho, but with your budget you can not be too picky.

  14. You can hustle a Blackbird fast enough in the twisties to embarrass proper sportsbikes and still be a lot more comfortable on the open road...take one for a ride and see what you think.

    I used to commute, do long trips and go on spirited twisty rides on mine

    Blackbirds are pretty much bulletproof, the only known issues are reg rectifiers(a common Honda ailment) and cam chain tensioners...
  15. I considered the ZX9R as my next bike. They are quite cheap ($5k for a post 2000 model) and very good looking. Also they have a 'reasonable' seating position. Not 'tourer' but better than 'sportsbike'.

    However what knocked it off my list was its size. It didn't fit me. I couldn't quite flatfoot it, due to that wide seat and bloody large tank.
  16. ZX9R.... 6 years & 45,000km's .....big.....fast......comfortable........15km/ltr.......300km+ tank range........hell yeah...

    and best of all........its not a fcukin honda.
  17. Thanks for all the input, I have been strongly leaning towards the zx9rs, esp. because of price... The size should be no problem, I'm a bit over 6ft with long legs...

    Can not wait till I can take them for a ride, should be great.

    I suppose it just comes down to a service history... is there anything that tends to go wrong with the 9rs?
  18. I think I'd go the Falco before the Futura with the Apprilias.

    Daytona 955i? Pretty much the same bent as the ZX9.

    If you want something a bit milder the ST triumphs
  19. Since you're talking from the sporty end, the ZX-9, then the 955 Daytona, to the 955 Sprint RS, with the VTR and the pre-'98/800 VFR750 both somewhere around there. All fall mostly in that price range from a couple of years or so either side of 2000.

    From that list there are a lot to choose from.

    Also that gives you a choice of inline four, triple, V4 and V-twin.

    Those Aprilias are fairly scarce and getting on a bit too, as good as they were (and they're very good, but I'd prefer a more recent and common model, which goes out of your price range).
  20. i am going to jump in and say that imo you don't have to have a fully faired bike for it to be called a sports tourer and the other thing is most who get them do less tours then myself.....

    I am going to suggest something a bit out there for all you (fully faired ST fans) but try some nakeds....the cb900 and sv and i am sure there are many more ....i reckon both are a good all round everyday road bike, from fun in the hills to commuter, to back roads, dirt and gravel roads & firetrails (the big flat wide bars give it the edge over clip ons) to touring....everyone says you need a faired bike for real touring, well i am going to disagree and say get good gear and you will be set.....i go away almost every long weekend and normally try and cover anywhere from 400-900 km a day in all sorts of weather fully loaded up with camping gear and normally the only bikes i can't keep with are the local boys on there local roads....

    I reckon you get out there and ride everything from nakeds to semi's to fully faired.....you might just be surprised what you end up with.

    though the new vfr would be a great bike if the speed limit started at 160km/hr :roll: