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Sporty road tyre comparisons? Bridgestone S20's v. Pirelli Rosso II's

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by toadcat, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. I'm on my 3rd set of Pirelli Rosso II's and they've been great but I want to try another brand just to keep it interesting and maybe last a bit longer.

    I'm looking at the Bridgestone S20's in particular, has anyone ridden on both tyres ?
  2. I cant comment on the Rosso's, but I can tell you that you will not be disappointed with the S20s!

    I put them on my Speed Triple after the OEM racetecs lasted 2000ks, I had 5000ks on them when I sold it, and they were hanging on well.

    Im in Tas where is pretty fresh in the mornings, and I could clutch up 2nd gear after about 5 minutes with no wheelspin.

    They were damn awesome out in the twisty stuff too, I had them scrubbed in withing 50ks, and could have it all the way over the tyre with confidence in no time.

    I cant see me running anything else on a road bike in the near future.

    Plus the price you can pick them up for from the states at the moment, makes it a no brainer
  3. Yeah I've noticed that they're much cheaper than the Pirellis.. price isn't really that much of an issue as I'd prefer the best tyre though

    I will be giving them a go, the Pirellis have been amazing in terms of grip but their mileage hasn't been as impressive (what can I really expect from sticky tyres though :p )
  4. What sort of mileage do you get from the Rosso's Toadcat? I do a mixture of commuting (Northern Beaches -> Liverpool) and spirited weekend riding and get about 8~10 months out of a set. Another option to look into is the Metzler Sportec M5's (assuming you want to stick to sports tyres) which work out a bit cheaper (~$50 a set cheaper for my bike) than the Pirelli's. Noob uses them on his GSXR 600 and is more than happy with them.
  5. The BT-016's are the sticky sports tyre and the 20's are the sports touring hoops aren't they?
  6. S20s are a sports tyre, the BT023 is the touring tyre.

    The S20 is 1000x better than the BT016.

    If you really want sticky tyres you need the BT003, I run those on my track bike, but don't see the need on the road really. The S20s hang on just fine and they last a lot better especially if you ride daily.
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  7. s20 is the equivalent of the BT003RS (race/street), there is also the bt003R which is a track tire and is softer, i got 1500km from a set of BT003RS on a 09 blade, but am currently doing better with the s20 on my 2012 blade, the tire gives superb feel, it doesnt tip in as fast as supercorsa sc, but the feeling and feedback is better when on the edge of the tire
  8. The S20 is NOT the equal of the BT003 at all, I have them both on almost the same bike. The 3RS is softer than the S20, and nowhere near as good in the wet, or as hard in the middle.
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  9. The s20 is the equivalent as the 003 was not popular with bad front end feel. The s20 superscedes the 003. Yes it is harder in the middle. A little more research your end maybe. The R10 is the new equivalent of the 003R
  10. I get maybe 8-10,000kms but I've been a dickhead with the rear brake sliding it around in carparks so I think that's contributed. I run 42 psi rear but accelerate basically as quick as the GS will take me (which isn't really that fast though). This set is on 8,200kms and the middle is worn down nearly to the wear markers and since I ride in the wet its too dodgey to ride without proper tread depth on the centre.

    If I can get the same mileage from the S20's I'll be happy, mainly just want a different tyre for change's sake more than anything since I've gone through 3 sets of Rosso II's. (One rear was a puncture though).

    I do around 24,000km a year on the bike so the rears need replacing often. The fronts last a bit longer than the rears but the profile gets a bit strange towards the end of their life and tip-in is not as progressive so I usually do both tyres at once.
  11. Anyone care to throw a link up with all these tires info/price etc.
    I can't find anything with all mentioned tires info?
  12. I haven't tried them yet, but I keep hearing good things about them, mostly from those who ride a bit harder etc!
  13. I couldn't claim to being a tyre tester but I've had a few pairs of Dunlop Sportsmarts and reckon they're amongst the best road tyres out there.
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  14. Get some sport demons, they have always done me well on the road and went well at the creek. They are also sport demons, so you know they are good just with the name.
  15. I've heard they're pretty damn good too, unfortunately they arent available in the US, they get the shitty wooden Q2s instead.

    I refuse to buy tyres from Australia, I can get a set of S20s delivered to my doorstep in under a week for less than the price of a rear tyre in Australia.

    Even after paying full price for fitting i'm well over $150 ahead of buying in Aus.
  16. I have a set of bt003rs if anyone is interested? Unused, never been on a bike.
  17. What price are you getting them delivered from the US? I just got a set of s20's installed for $355.
  18. Thats a good price for Aus, but I paid $260 delivered for my last set, I got free fitting this time as a mate just brought a bike shop, but even at $30-50 for fitting im still ahead...[DOUBLEPOST=1357093203][/DOUBLEPOST]
    What sizes, and how much?

    I run these on my track bike currently so I could be interested
  19. 120 and 190 mate. I'll take whatever $ it would cost me to get a set of sportsmarts. I'll find out.
  20. How did you get S20's at that price landed, I just did the sums on the smallest size that jake Wilson sell and it came to a total of $268.00 (110/70x17 & 150/60x17) landed.
    In that price you have shipping and bank charges and you need to order four to get the best deal.......so how did you do it ? Do tell :)