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Sporty LAMS commuter/tourer

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Njh91, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I've always been into riding albeit almost all my time has been spent on the off-road side of the equation. I've had my car license for a few years and I'm feeling more comfortable about getting a sports bike as a daily commuter as well as a potential long range tourer (Brisbane to Adelaide) when the need arises.

    That being said, I was initially looking at getting a Ninja 250r as they're generally a very well known and liked bike, having a proven track record, but as I'm sure you'd agree riding a 250 from Brisbane to Adelaide, potentially with a pillion, wouldn't be the most enjoyable experience. So I'm browser shopping for other options to see what's out there. At this point, the Ninja 650RL keeps ticking all the boxes. Are there any other options that spring into your collective minds? Maybe a CB400?

    I'm a pretty short dude standing at about 5'8" and weighing 70kg, so I'm sure whatever bike I choose will be fine in that department.

    Modern, sporty, economical LAMS commuter/tourer for a short guy?


  2. Suzuki gladius/sv650 are options, yamaha fz6, or the other Kawasaki the er6 all come in lams options. I'm not much taller than you and found all of these pretty comfy.
  3. Mate I'm the same size as you are. I have a CB 400. It's a fantastic bike. Heaps of grunt and great styling. However for the kind of distance you're looking at traveling, I would recommend a GSX650fu. I test rode one before I got my CB and, although a bit on the heavier side, they are a great touring bike. Upright sitting pos and enough fairing to keep most ofthe wind blast off you.

    Let us know what you think
  4. Which of the FZ6's are LAMS approved? Is it just the 'R'? They don't appear on my QLD list of approved bikes at all.
  5. I picked the Ninja 650RL as my riding was aimed close to yours Syd to Canberra or now MLB to where ever. The RL has sports looks and touring upright seating and the larger engin will give a nice cruising ride.

    Took me a year to pick my bike but I know I will keep it for a long time.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys, keep 'em coming! I'm liking the look of the GSX650FU, I'll have to find out if it comes in anything other than that white/blue colour scheme. The Yamaha FZ6 looks pretty hot for a LAMS approved bike, especially in the black and gold.

    Aussieak, what kind of revs does your bike sit on at highway speeds? Do you still have your bike restricted? If I purchased a 650RL, I would definitely intend on leaving the restriction in place, don't want to end up with a whopping fine/lost license or wrapped around a tree.
  7. And then I spot your signature saying it's still in LAMS mode; I'm an idiot haha. How does your back feel after a few hours in the saddle? Guys in my family are notorious for having bad backs, would hate to get half way through a tour to Adelaide and have it start playing up!
  8. Mine is still brand new so I try not to go over 4000 RPM while I break it in plus still total newbie to boot. Its still in LAMS mode and will be at least for a while. I know when I do give it a bit there plenty there. More then enough for me.
  9. I sit upright on the Ninja so I dont get any back pain at all.
  10. Excellent! I've sat on the 650R and quite liked it, will have to make a trip to a dealership and try out their other offerings. Some of these videos on YouTube of the FZ6R are pretty nuts, especially with the full Two Brothers exhaust installed.
  11. I think I sat on most of them and I always went back to the Ninja for comfort. Go with your gut was the last piece of advise form the sales rep. He new he would get a sale and did not have to pressure me in a bike.
    I might be new at all this but I still think I made the best choice for myself
  12. Did you have a sit on the GSX650F? That is some sound advice, I guess that's all it really comes down to in the end!
    It definitely sounds that way. How does it feel through the twisties?
  13. Its a bit confusing but the FZ6R is actually the XJ6FL (F stands for fully faired), the XJ6NL was never produced here (naked bike), the XJ6SL (Semi-Faired) is a true name, even though all it says on the bike is the name Diversion..

    Interesting how they have the requirement for a certification letter, not sure how hard that will be to organise..

    XJ6FL (Must obtain manufacturers certification letter)
    XJ6NL (Must obtain manufacturers certification letter)
    XJ6SL (2010 Model onwards must obtain manufacturers
    certification letter)
  14. Ah, that makes a bit more sense then haha, was a bit confused there for a minute. Thanks for clearing that up. How much is a FZ6R new? Bikesales only has a couple of POA models listed. At this point I've spoken to a dealership that says they can do just under 9 grand for a 650RL, I'd imagine the Yamaha would be a bit more than that?
  15. The FZ6R seems to hang around the 12k mark new, maybe 11k if you push them hard.

    The one I have, the XJ6SL I got for 10k, its exactly the same bike except for the fairings being not so extensive around the botom of the bike, front is a little different & mine has a centre stand..
  16. Just had a look at the different models, I have to say that the SL looks the best with those headlights. Time to keep rummaging through the internet to see what I can uncover! Thanks for the help guys.
  17. Don't forget Honda transalp, Dr650, klr650 and the more adventurous stuff. Taller sure but more versatile.