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Sporty Cruisers?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by xDom, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. Im going a bit crazy thinking of what bike to get. Im riding a 250 virago and plan to upgrade in a few months.
    Im a bit limited because of my height ( 6'3" with gangly arms and legs! ) in my selection.
    Of all the Japanese cruisers on offer, which are the sportier in handling?, noticed i said " sportier ", not "sporty"!
    I like the look of those Hyosung Aquila's but Im reading bad reviews on their reliability. Also I have an un-restricted licence. Thanks

  2. Cruiser and sporty don't really go together but the following are more "sporty" than others.
    1. V-Max
    2. M109R (GSX1100R forks and brakes)
    3. The best by a long way in that it actually handles (but not Japanese) - Diavel
    4. basejumperbasejumper will say V-rod ;-)
  3. Diavels look the business
  4. there are some great machines out there, not sure though how you will find the comfort on the 650 hyosung with your height though, maybe a bit cramped maybe not. just take one for a spin. I am 6ft and slim and some of the muscle or sports cruisers that appeal to me, would be the Suzuki M109, Victory Judge, Harley Fat Bob, Harley V Rod, Yamaha make some outstanding bikes, but the Bolt 950 is loads of fun and goes hard, the Ducati Devil is named the Diavel for good reason....they are wicked.
    and of course I am biased as it is the bike I ride, The Triumph Thunderbird Storm:happy:
    and there are many more that appeal to me.
  5. xDomxDom if you do decide to look at the M109R, drop me a PM - I had one for two years from new and put about 25,000Ks on it. I can go into much more detail.
  6. "sporty" --> "cruiser"


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  7. Donk of a motor......

    Pretzels for a gear-box

    Milk bottle tops for a clutch pack

    It's a shaftie for good reason - ungodly torque.

    Stop pretty darn well - go hard as fark in a straight line.

    And for what they are - corner with reasonable ability due to a dry sump, lower centre of gravity and "forgiving" (relative) clearance.....

    Just get one that hasn't gone bad......eeeeek
  8. Yeah your right, v-rod , end if story
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  9. The Vulcan S (due Jan/Feb 2015) is supposed to be adjustable for rider ergo (pegs, seat, bars), but as a 650cc it might not float your boat.
  10. What's your budget?

    Primo options from outside of japan:

    Moto Guzzi California 1400.

    The new Indian Scout.

    At least a couple or so Victory Models.
  11. Thanks everyone, there's a 2007 triumph speed master for sale at the local dealer. It's got 20 000 km on it.
    I know it's not Japanese but this bike looks mean.
    I'm gonna check it out.
  12. Trumpet Speedmaster, xDom. good choice :] let us know what you think
  13. Why a cruiser? Why not consider other styles of bikes that may offer you the room you need and more sportiness than a cruiser?

    The 'adventure tourers' and any number of sports tourers offer plenty of room.
  14. So Im gonna check this bike out tomorrow. My mate said that the fuel injection models would be heaps better than the carb on this 2007 bike.
    Ive been googling this and it seems to be a very controversial topic, couldnt seem to find much on Netrider about it.
    I think the Fuel Injected Speedmasters started about 2009? But then they are starting to get up a bit in price. Is the carby a problem?
    So b12mick, i like the sound, look and feel of a cruiser, but am aware of the performance advantages of other types. Every now and then I start thinking about the Versys/ VStrom option. Im losing sleep over this whole thing!
  15. I'll sell you my '06 V-Strom 1000, 39***kms.
  16. I'm keen to see how the new Vulcan S turns out, could be a nice ride with cruiser looks but decent ground clearance. Won't have the V twin sound though so you'd need a pipe to get a decent P twin sound at least.

    Another option coming out next year is the Bolt C-spec, a cafe-ish looking Bolt with a taller seat, seat cowl, pegs further back and clip ons that produces a half decent sporty standard rider triangle. C-spec also has better ground clearance than the regular Bolts if that matters to you.
  17. Not a cruiser but a good naked is the Yamaha XJR 1300.

    Decent price as well...

    The new Indian Scout is pretty good as well.
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  18. I appreciate the offer mate, but im at the level of moving up from a 250, I think the mid cc bikes is my next step.
  19. Spoilsport :p