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Sportsbikes that have cheap insurance?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by klau, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. A little part of me died after I saw how much comprehensive insurance was going to be for a 09 gsxr600 (~$2500 insure my ride).

    So now I'm looking at older bikes from early 2000. I'm looking at the cbr600 f4i as that looks like a nice bike (~$1500 insurance, still expensive...), but would also like to hear any other recommendations people may have.

    I'm looking to keep the bike for 2-3 years, or until my insurance premiums goes down.

    (if you're wondering why insurance is so expensive, I'm age 38, no claims on current bike, 1 years riding experience and last owned/insured a car back in 1999)


  2. Re: Sportsbike that have cheap insurance?

    i have a cbr125 and my insurance is 1500 comp. im 19 but still. lol. its the riding experience thats a killer. do a few mock up quotes and change the riding experience bit around. if they cant check it/prove it then i dont see the problem in bending reality. i didnt do it with my insurance tho because the difference was only ~200 or so.
    dont take my word for it, just a suggestion really.
  3. Re: Sportsbike that have cheap insurance?

    Get an old shitbox you can afford to crash, and insure it TPFT or TPO until you've built up some no-claims bonus.
  4. Re: Sportsbike that have cheap insurance?

    You could buy my K1 GSXR750 (costs me about a grand a year with agreed value $6500)... it's getting on a bit but will last you a couple of years no probs. PatBs 3rd party idea is a good one... then if you love it you could rebuild the engine and keep it forever, if not flog it off to the next graduating learner. Shoot me a PM if interested :grin:
  5. Re: Sportsbike that have cheap insurance?

    last owned/insured a car back in 1999

    There's your problem, you have no insurance history, and at least to start with, you're a total unknown.

    plus cheap insurance on a sports bike is like a good outcome from a Nigerian letter anyway..
  6. Re: Sportsbike that have cheap insurance?

    I left the country and came back 10 years later with my full 60% no claims bonus.

    But thats because I had NRMA back then, then came back to them when I came back.
  7. Re: Sportsbike that have cheap insurance?

    Bugger me. I am 34 had I suspension and numerous fines in the last 5 years. All were recorded and given to my insurer QBE. I actually gave them the Prikroads printout. I have cbr600F2 1993 model with a value of 4500 and I only pay $555 full comp per year.
  8. Re: Sportsbike that have cheap insurance?

    look at some of the naked bikes. they still have good performance but aren't classified as sport bikes.
  9. Re: Sportsbike that have cheap insurance?

    Your insurance rating makes a huge difference in premiums.
    For me it could mean $800-2500.This is for an 08 Fireblade ($15600), and 1 year riding experience.
    The only variable that I changed was the no-claim bonus. This is with insuremyarse.com tho.

    I guess you should find out what your current rating is in the first place and shop around.
  10. Re: Sportsbike that have cheap insurance?

    Indeed - Easily fixed if you have a year to spare:

    1) Insure something cheap shitboxcar TPFT with NRMA (Which base your No Claims Discount on 'years driving' and not 'years insured'). So long as you've had a driving license for years you'll get a rating1
    2) After a yesr you have a bona-fide rating 1, transferable to any insurer.

    I did this when I moved from the UK. Everyone else wanted insurance history to get rating 1(and having driven a company car in UK - I had no insurance history, let alone an Australian insurance history) - but NRMA gave me a Rating1 simply on the basis of havign had a licence for more than 7 years and no crash history. No need to lie on any paperwork.

    Of course after 1 year there were plenty of other insurers who offered cheaper premiums and THEN I had a recognised Australian insurers renewal notice saying "rating 1" to prove I was good.

    If you do this then your GSXR600 insurance will probably be round about $700-$1000 a year (I know 'cos I too am 38 with just a years riding experience, living in good area and with a rating 1 and have been shopping for quotes for 600cc sport bikes)
  11. Re: Sportsbike that have cheap insurance?

    Thanks for the replies guys,

    Yeah, insurance is killing me. I was with NRMA for the car back then (only 2 years, no claims), but sold the car after going to the UK for a couple of years. Came back home and had no need for a car.

    ~DadAgain~, thanks for the heads up about the NRMA driving history. Hopefully they can do something for me as I've had a gold license for over 15 years and no crash history.

    I'll see whether NRMA still have my records and go from there. (I tried a quote off of their website sometime back and was quoted ~$3500...)

  12. Re: Sportsbike that have cheap insurance?

    do an online quote with E-bike and then phone their customer service and
    explain that you've held a licece for x years and never claimed.

    My online quote started at $1700 and I paid $546.

    Take quote from e-bike and shop it around.
  13. Try ringing AAMI. They only do phone quotes for bikes. Theyve been cheapest on every bike Ive owned.
  14. Insure my ride are shit......

    they wanted $1300 a year for me to insure a VTR250 with no gear cover](*,). so i wasnt going to insure at all only 3rd party, the bike shop put me onto Swann i pay $300 full comp with full gear cover including helmet:dance:.

    if you are rating 1 on your car licence they accept that where as insure my ride dont.
  15. I just tried an online quote with swann, and it is cheaper (~$600 less), but the question regarding driving/riding is ambiguous. Driving I have over 15 years, riding only the 1. This is the sort of stuff I don't want to be pulled up on if I ever (and here's hoping never) to make a claim...

    Well, I visited NRMA earlier today. The guy straight away said I will get the hightest rating (65% discount for life) due to my driving history. I mentioned however I only have 1 years riding, and is this a problem. He said he can only go by what is on the screen. The screen clearly states driving only, but then they only have a few bikes on their books. He spoke to someone else (check some guide, etc) and yes, it only mentions driving. There is no mention of riding, so they go by my driving history.

    So basically, they can offer ~$1500 full comp on a 2009 gsxr600.

    Interesting, but something still doesn't feel right about this.
  16. No they aren't, they just weren't as cheap for you as other people. They seem to be working for a lot of folks.
  17. I've been getting insurance quotes on a lot of bikes, and for reasons I can't understand, the CBR600RR is only about 75% of the cost to insure as the CBR600F4i. There's clearly treachery afoot.
  18. Insure my Ride gave me the cheapest 3rd party on the GR650.

    I always call round for quotes and I've found QBE and RACV the best generally. My Hornet 600 insured for a year comprehensively is...

  19. :eek:

    Damn, dude. That's impressive.
  20. i called them to get it from a real person, i only had 6 days with my bike licence but was rating 1