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Sportsbikes for total short-arses?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. Midgets, gnomes and leprechauns, are there any sportsbikes that you guys can ride?

    There's a chick at work here who's mad keen on getting stuck into bikes, she's feisty and keen on sporty bikes but she's about 5 foot flat with short legs and she doesn't look to me like the strongest lass.

    Is there any hope for her beyond the scooter market? She's not interested in a commuter or cruiser, she likes it sporty. The Across is, to be honest, too big for Chengaleng, and this girl is shorter than she is.

    Any ideas?

  2. Boy, that brings back memories, Dan Gurney and the prettiest GP car ever built.

    With only 36 of them, though, how much will they cost??
  3. Loz - tell her to have a look at the Ducati ST2
  4. LOL - i'm the oposite - too tall (6"4') !!!! (my friend is 6"7') <-- He won't ride a mtrbke though
  5. zzr 600 is the lowest seat heigh to my knowledge,although the are saying that they can take 2" of the seat height of a en6f but that a twin. Depending on her confidance anything is possible i am no long legged guy 5 5' and zx9 is no trouble and i have had no mods to lower it.If she wants a zzr600 better be quick as they are discontinued now and only whats in stock is it.
  6. Check out the Suzuki RGV250. Anyone over about 175cm tall can't fit on them properly and even at that height they can't get down behind the screen.

    People between about 150 and 160cm fit well.

    Be aware, they are high maintenance and _not_ for long distances.
  7. So far the Cagiva Mito seems to be the lowest from standard at about 760mm. Maybe I'll plonk her on one of those down at Lizzy st and see how she feels.
  8. Time to stir the pot...I own an RGV 250R and in my opinion they are fine for long distances (often find myslef clocking up 400-500km in a day), maintenence wise I've found mine to be comparable with 4 strokes.
    Why do people give them such a bad rap? :roll:
  9. I'm also 175-180cms short, I'm on my toes when stationary and I have no problems 'tucking in' behind my screen :p
  10. Hey,

    I'm a shortass at 165cms. My feet were firmly on the ground on a Honda CBR, and the Honda CBR-R is just slightly higher.
  11. I have a friend that is 5 foot nothing, and she doesn't have a problem with the CBR250.

    You can always get an upholsterer to shave down the foam in the seat to gain an extra inch or two. (Could hurt resale value though, unless it is to another vertically challenged individual :) )
  12. I know of someone who is selling a CBR600 F4 that has been professionally lowered. I haven't seen it, it is located near Bairsdale,

    let me know if you want me to get more details
  13. I used to own one and it wasn't unreliable but compared to a 4 stroke it _was_ high maintenance. As an example on my Yamaha Diversion 900 major services involve checking the shims every 40,000kms, checking the shaft oil every 40,000kms... everything inbetween is basically regular oil changes. Compare that with the maintenance schedule on an RGV and you'll see what I mean by 'high maintenance'.

    And I'm not giving them a bad rap, I loved it... it was a great sunday hoon or track day bike.

    As for long distances... well 400 to 500 is doable ok. I did 750k on mine one day though and I couldn't stand up straight afterwards for an hour and I had a sore neck for a day. On the Diversion I can do 1000kms in a day and get off feeling unstrained. I'd consider 400 to 500 an afternoon ride, not a long ride BTW :)
  14. On an RGV250? You must have longer legs and a shorter body than me... I'm 175 and can't get down on the tank and totally behind the screen on an RGV250. The problem isn't the leg length it's the body length.

    People are built differently though :)
  15. Aaa hem... I prefer to be referred to as vertically challenged!!! :grin:

    I'm 161cm and my R6 is set at its lowest suspension setting. I don't have too much of a problem, except when I try and turn it around on uneven ground.
    After riding the 6 I actually find it rather cramped riding a CBR250.
    The key thing though is being able to pick the bike up if she drops it.
  16. I am also 161 cm... (5'2"). I rode a Spada as a 250 and could flat foot. I upgraded to the SV and had to get it lowered 2.5 cm which makes it perfectly on the balls of my feet.

    The Ducati Monster is also a good choice for the vertically challenged and I know another shortie who is on a ZX6R...... but she also rides hubby's firestorm so she does not count!! ha ha ha (sorry curtaingirl!!!)

  17. Friend of my dad is 4'11". he just bought a Honda Fireblade 900.
    He gets on by wheeling it to the sidewalk & hopping on from the sidewalk. He had the seat's lining etc removed o reduce the height.

    he looks hillarious on it.
  18. I've looked at/listened to & been on the back of one of these. As yet, its owner has not let me take it for a spin :p :grin: - possibility because I can't reach the ground! :)