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Sportsbike Riders: What do you take for lunch?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 6ixxer, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. A small container of sfood

  2. Sandwich(s)

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  3. I buy lunch

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  4. I'm a hardass and don't eat lunch

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  5. Other...

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  1. Firstly, I'm still on my restrictions and I ride an Across.
    I quite like the storage cos it means I can carry a container (or even a plate) of leftovers for lunch :)

    But as an upgrade bike i've been considering a K3 GSXR750. I'm assuming my lunch habits will need revision when i won't have room for a decent sized container.

    Well guys, whats for lunch?
  2. Do you mean what's for lunch when you go riding (in the twisties, etc), or ride to work or just a general "what's for lunch" post now/today?
  3. I take whatever can fit in my backpack...so sandwiches, containers of food etc.

    While you won't necessarily be able to take a plate as such, transferring it to a container instead is easy enough :)
  4. On the days that i do ride I usually take the tank bag and my usual bottle of drink, 2 pieces of fruit and a sandwich.
    Things dont seem to get crushed now compared to when I used to wear the back pack on the bike.
  5. I buy lunch, but i dont really have much of a choice, anyone with an underseat pipe would know how awesome the amount of storage is lol.

    With the RRs not having metal tanks that rules out a tank bag too!
  6. I take $5, and buy lunch at a Subway store.
  7. On a ride day i'm 100% for buying lunch.

    I'm referring to day-to-day work lunches.
    The poll is really using today as an example of what is the norm.

    I'd love to hear your most gourmet sportsbike lunch stories too :)
  8. Ditto about 2 days a week for me.

    Another day I'll go to the local bakery and grab lunch.

    A couple of days a week I'll take a frozen meal and nuke it in the microwave at work.
  9. I have uni for half the day, then work a bit later. So I'm usually home for lunch. Either that or I make use of the sandwiches at work, which are magically replenished everyday by gnomes.
  10. On my riding days I sometimes forget lunch or when I'm with others we just eat somewhere nice.

    Never eat too much though, a bloated feeling while riding is not nice.
  11. yeah, i buy lunch every day.

    having a PCIII and a torch in the little storage i have, a meal simply wouldnt fit and id need to take a backpack. i dont know about the rest of you guys, but i hate riding with a backpack and avoid it at all costs
  12. I have a 35 Liter backpack and/or a 22 Liter Pillion seat pack on the bike. I take whatever I want.
  13. +1 to no underseat storage, plastic tank cover = no tank bag (CBR1000rr)
    the pciii, a disclock and a few tools and the underseat storage is pretty full.
    might be able to wad some jerky/fruit roll-up things in there as emergency rations...but no lunch.

    I wear a crumpler to work - my advice is get a really well-sealing bit of flat tupperware to take leftovers or a sanga.

    Although I buy my lunch every day, it's because I can't be arsed getting up that 2 mins earlier to organise anything to eat.

    I really want to find a bit of pillion seat soft luggage that doesn't look crap so that I can commute without anything on my back...

    any suggestions for a groovy tailpack anyone?
  14. There's enough room under my seat for a wallet and phone. Of course there's no pockets in the race-style leathers, nor would I want any. I've landed on enough hard pocket items in my life to know I never want my thigh to have a phone-and-keys-shaped-bruise again.

    So, yeah $ and card buys me lunch.
  15. I can't find any mention of the one I have any more. It is a ventura product, very similar to there donnington tank bag.

    As I recall it is 15 Liters and expands to 22 Liters. and it just fits over your pillion seat.

    Found it...
    Venturas site has no mention of it but here
    http://www.kenma.com.au/ven_sb.html the Imola Pack (I got mine at Peter Stevens)
  16. what this "small" container of food option??

    no option given for "large" continer of food. :twisted:
  17. I went from the Across to the CBR600, the Across would store enough food and gear to see me by happily day to day. But the 600 has storage for a postage stamp under the seat (after taking off two small fairings and the seat bolts). I invested in the Ventura tail bag. They're a good unit with smart attach and detach clips.
  18. I take a backpack with me everywhere, so everything goes in there, even though I have an Across. I think I've carried a whole picnic for 3 in the Across.

    Besides, it'd have to be a pretty damn big slab of a sanga if it can't fit in a backpack or my bike! :shock:
  19. Ahhh, ok, understood! :) For most of my lunches, I get them at the cafe where my girlfriend works as with my bad shoulder/arm, it's either very hard or nigh impossible for me to cut/make a lunch due to having a bar bench in our kitchen as our "bench" and it's too high for me to use 2 arms-hands on.

    Today is ham + cheese in a turkish roll/bread supplemented with spirulina for "missed" vitamins and the like. If you don't know what spirulina is, a quick google brings up http://www.australianspirulina.com.au/ and in the FAQs link:

  20. i carry a backpack so i can bring a lunchbox.