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Sportsbike Rider....... what brand of tyres do you use???

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Ratbag, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. Going back quite a few years, i was always a fan of the Bridgestones, a very consistant tyre through the corners , it had plenty of feel.
    When it started to let go, you could control it with the throttle.

    had a big break from bikes, felt the calling once again, bought a gixxer 1000, it came with Dunlops, i had no real probs with them, so have "stuck with dunlops" ever since.

    but recently on a few rides, quite a few riders are saying the "Michy's" are the BEE's Knee's......

    my question is this, are you a fast rider? and if so , what do you swear by?
  2. rubber

  3. Bought my bike with Dunlop back and front, just had a Bridgestone Battleax put on the front about 2500 k's ago, no complaints re either tire. Am no superfast rider but am too fast too consistently it seems, friggin cameras!!!!!!
  4. I have michelin pilot sports on my fireblade
    I have no problems with them but people have said amke sure you warm them up before really pushing them.
  5. running Bridgies (still) on the 750
    but I have mates with other sporties (750s, 900s 1100s)
    running Michies (Pilots) and Avons (of all things!)
    we all swear by 'em...... :LOL:
  6. Like someone clever once said, they aren't any 'bad' tyres anymore....they're all excellent! It's only a (fast) track day rider that would notice a difference between them.

    Go back 10/15 years and there were some really nasty ones about apparently.

    On my bike I'm running a Mich Power on the back and a Pilot Sport on the front (if I was rich I'd have a put a Power on the front as well). They seem like a really good set of tyres, never let me down and I'm sure they can handle much more abuse than I am willing to give them.
  7. I swear by the Pirelli Diablos. They wear well and they give me a lot of feeling of the road...I haven't used anything else for a couple of years, though, so I'm a bit biased. I have a friend who had a current gsxr1000 and he said the Diablos were terrible, so I guess it depends a bit on the bike, sort of riding, etc. A lot of other people I've spoken to love them and I see a lot on bikes when I'm out and about.

    Horses for courses, I guess!

    :D :D :D
  8. I've got bridgestones on my bike and I'm happy enough with them. I should be getting a new BT-014 on the front soon, I'll tell you how it is :)
  9. well ratbag :D i run michys pilot powers and they are the bees knees. wet or dry they handle nearly the same. have a spin on the cbr and see what you think if ya wish :D
  10. Wont ever use Battleaxe worst and most slippery tyre i've ever used. I love the Pilot Powers, stick in the wet and dry. But i use either Avon's or Mezelers on the 750 for 2 reasons, price and neither will let go through a corner
  11. Run the Battleax myself. I'm not really quick (mid paced really), but never had more than a minor twitch.
    They have a reputation of longer wear than many, so of course you trade some traction.
    As a quick rider I'd look for something softer.
  12. I swear by My Pirelli Diablos too! lotsa people on netriders have them too
  13. i just got a rear tyre on the blade,its a michelin-pilot,very much recomended.i did have dunlops however these r great.i got mine for $250 @redwing
  14. The Pirelli Diablo Corsa (190/50 rear, 120/70 front) came stock with my blade, they have only let go once and that was when they were about 40km old and I grab a WHOLE lota throttle around a sharp corner at a pretty decent speed so I was probably leaning over onto new rubber. Since then no problems at all.

    The November edition of RiDE mag did a huge survey of thier readers about what they felt were the best gear (boot, gloves, jackets, pants the LOT) and tyres were included. The Poms ranked the tyres overall like the below.

    1. Bridgstone BT012SS 89.47%
    2. Pirelli Diablos Corsa 89.39%
    3. Michelin Pilot Power 88.39%
    4. Metzeler Rennsport 87.9%
    5. Pirelli Diablo 86.61%
    6. Bridgestone BT014 84.38%
    6. Pirelli Super Corsa 84.38%
    8. Pirelli Dragon Evo Corsa 83.8%
    9. Bridgestone BT020 83.13%
    10. Metzeler Tourance 82.3%

    They went down to 25 and had 4 sub-categories with rankings in each but I can't be stuffed typing those out. The four categories were Give excellent grip, Good in the wet, Last well and Good value. The good in the wet category looks pretty mich the same as the overall except Michelin Pilot Power aren't in it and then other categories looked VERY different to the above.

    I've brought the mag the last couple of coffees but no-one was interested. I'll bring it one last time if anyone is interested.

    P.S. I wouldn't class myself as a fast rider but I'm working on it.
  15. oops posted to the wrong thread. Hands up if you're a doopey!
  16. MEZ1's babeeeeeeeeeee.

    Would take off any OEM tyre that wasnt a MEZ1 and throw them on ebay.
  17. i use bridgestones on my bike.

    id never use anything else really. they're tried and tested and extremely reliable. i cant afford a blow out 20km from home...

  18. michelin pilots for me but
    a mate loved avons on his vtr.