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Sportsbike pillion seats

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jitboy, May 22, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Now after having a couple of bikes for about 5yrs in total, both Suzuki's (RGV, GSXR), this feels like a bit of a silly question. But here goes...

    What is the strap on the pillion seat for exactly? Is it a crappy substitute for a metal grab rail? It doesn't look very strong?


    I'm looking to start taking a pillion passenger, and in the past they've struggled with the high seat position, and lack of grab handle. I'm also not a big bloke, so I sit toward the front of the bike and the gap between the pillion and myself is rather large if i'm in the sportsbike "racing" riding position. So a grab rail would be ideal but this ain't a pillion friendly bike. What's the best thing for them to hang onto? Rider's waist for the most part I take it. But under braking does pushing against the tank with your hands help? I've also read about those handles u can buy that clip around the riders waist.

  2. i pretty sure that strap is supposed to be something to hold on to for the pillion

    this might sound stupid but get a venture rack and theres a grab rail you can get for it
  3. I use the strap to hold my sunglasses while taking my helmet on/off. Might not be what its for but works a treat
  4. might be to hold drinks
  5. They're putting straps on mouse pads now!!! :shock:

    Seriously, it is poor substitute for a grab rail.
    The passenger holding onto your waist when accelerating and a hand on the tank whilst decelerating are the norm, when no grab rail is available.
    I prefer my pillions do it this way, but it comes down to the confidence of the passenger in the rider.
  6. i use the strap to stop my balls hitting the bloke in front of me. hehehe nah i hold on to it so my other arm isn't loose. but just so while braking i'm not headbutting the rider.