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Sportsbike gear and Cruiser gear on mismatched bike type - thoughts?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ad91on, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. This has been something that has been troubling me for a while now.

    Is it a massive social no-no to be seen wearing sportsbike gear on a cruiser and vice-versa?

    Personally it wouldn't bother me. But you don't expect someone riding a cruiser to be wearing a full leather suit with decals and a helmet with crazy graphics, just as you don't expect someone on a superbike to be wearing an open face, matte-black helmet with accompanying leather vest and brando-style jacket.

    Same goes for scooters. You just don't expect a scooter rider to wear a leather jacket or riding boots, whereas in textiles it doesn't seem so bad.

    Is this just me? Or is there an established norm for acceptable dress depending on bike type? If i were to turn up to a HOG ride on a cruiser in my white alpinestars and white arai, would i be beaten to death by crusty old accountants? Or if I turned up to a track day on a superbike wearing a white t-shirt, black leather vest and open face helmet, would there be much sneering and ego-flexing and ruined masturbating because of it?

    It's a serious issue.

    Trad cruiser gear:

    Trad sports/super gear :


    Decked-out scooter rider (even this looks weird to me)
  2. I don't know, honestly, all the bike crashes I've seen have been sports bikes, (thankfully with most of the riders wearing good gear.) I can't think of ever having seen a cruiser-type bike crash; maybe they don't, so it doesn't matter what sort of gear they wear...

    (must be a beggar picking the bugs out of your teeth, though :LOL:).
  3. When I rode Old Pac, Putty, Bells or any of the fun roads on the cruiser I used to go full leather gear..................Ive never done this during broad daylight though, this was reserved to my night time solo runs. Sort of like one of those forbidden pleasures people do behind closed doors lol.
  4. The scooter rider might look a bit weird, but at least he's somewhat protected, unlike so many scooter riders one sees.

    I saw one on Friday doing 100 kliks on the Monash wearing a suit, a wool overcoat and business shoes.
  5. who gives 2 fucks, i only worry about numero uno, me!
  6. And you guys put shit on squids, atleast squids don't spend half their riding time in front of a wardrobe. T-shirts and shorts work on any bike.
  7. While I'm all in favour of protective equipment, the gear I was wearing surely saved me from far worse if not the ultimate damage, but in terms of appearance there need be only one person to impress and that's the one you see in the mirror when brushing your teeth.

    I agree that fluro leathers on a cruiser would look odd but frankly that's a result of what we're conditioned to expect and will ultimately change as that style of bike is less associated with the clich├ęd bikie and more with those that wish to ride them for pleasure rather than image.
  8. I always get a chuckle when someone colour matches their riding gear to their bike. I never seem to keep a bike long enough.
    Moto X racers look like telly tubbies.
  9. It looks good Because its Me wearing it.. ;-)
  10. As an old fart who's well past caring, I tend towards an elderly DriRider that's losing its battle with entropy, faded kevlar jeans, scuffed SteelBlues and whatever midrange HJC lid that had an unpopular enough colour scheme to make it a cheap sale item and I'll wear that lot on anything. I might put leather jeans on if I'm going a long way or it's cold.
  11. If its cold I put 2 pairs of denim jeans on. The only pair of leather jeans I own are probably more suited to the blue oyster bar than the bike..
  12. Because, as I cruise (or walk) down the street, surely everybody is looking at me. Everybody gives a shit about me, don't they?

    (And, in response to the OP, Brando gear on a sports bike looks very cool in my opinion.)

    Is that why you bought them?
  13. Brando jacket worked very well on my mates off yesterday.........his jeans and gloves not so much.
  14. Well obviously the most important thing is the "de rigueur" black T shirt,
  15. I ride with a full face helmet and a roadster style leather jacket. Maybe it's not traditional cruiser gear, but it works. My bike's not traditionally styled so i don't see why i should have dress traditional either. Gotta have jeans and a T shirt though.
  16. For a long time, the highest represented age group in crashes has been mid life crisis 40-something jumping on harleys. i guess it just deosn't get as much press as a wannabe valentino in a flaming fireball at 200kmh
  17. Yeah, watching a squid crash and burn is far funnier than someone with a wife and kids.
  18. Remember this when you post your obligatory netrider crash thread.
  19. Burn. My mental integrity just imploded. Shame I wear atgatt... doesn't mean we can't laugh though.
  20. You guys are funny, everything is about atgatt. It's the laughing at "squids crashing and burning" that is the problem. It's like the netrider theme, you all get worked up and defensive when someone laughs at real life wild hogs but it's always open season on squids.

    I'll have a good laugh when your squid bashing, all atgatted up self has a stack. You know, just to help balance things out.