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Sportsbike convert to Cruiser

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by goz, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. Im sorry to all the supersport bike and sport bike riders but im converted..

    I own a Yamaha R6 2008 model, super fast, super responsive tops to ride..


    I went to Gold Coast last weekend and rented myself a Kawasaki Vulcan Special edition 900cc


    All i can say is i had the best time ive ever had on a motorcycle, great power, great sound and couldnt get the smile off my face
    (now i know what people are talking about when u have loud pipes on your bike, chopper sounding pipes, cages tend to back off)

    When i got back home and jumped back on my R6 it just wasnt the same..

    So now the hunt begins as these things are as rare as hens teeth

    Just thought i would share this worthless information with everyone :) :nopity:
  2. Re: I'm Sorry

    Goooood, gooood (in a very evil sith-like tone) :D

  3. Re: I'm Sorry

    Welcome to the Dark Side . . .
  4. Re: I'm Sorry

    Real riders, ride cruisers! :) :) hehe
  5. Re: I'm Sorry

    Oh, the shame....
  6. Re: I'm Sorry

    noooooo no shame lol, try 1 and judge for yourself
  7. Re: I'm Sorry

    Can't see the appeal, I'll get back to ya when I'm off restrictions and can actually ride one though...

    ALways have an open mind!
  8. Re: I'm Sorry

    Who are you and what have you done with Goz?

    You bling shame on your famiry.
  9. Re: I'm Sorry

    hahahaha i know eh, now i know how gays feel when they come out of the closet
  10. Re: I'm Sorry

    ...still...better than an r6, have fun
  11. Re: I'm Sorry

    now you will need to try other cruisers !?
  12. Re: I'm Sorry

    i will mate, nightrod and fatboy on the cards
  13. Re: I'm Sorry

    Why I smile on the M109R...
  14. Re: I'm Sorry

    Some riders just aren't cut out to ride sports bikes... :bolt:
  15. Re: I'm Sorry

    I think you would find that your arse doesn't get so sore... and I am talking about the cruiser..
  16. Re: I'm Sorry

    lolol was very comfortable on the cruiser
  17. Re: I'm Sorry

    Those of us who are over 6' tall, for example?
  18. Re: I'm Sorry

    isi ti poludijo?
  19. Re: I'm Sorry


    Get an R1 (Or gixxer thou, et al)
  20. Re: I'm Sorry

    to all the negative people, be negative but tell me if you have ridden a cruiser before, its like saying u hate apples but have never tried 1 to judge it