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Sports vs trail...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by capri727, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm new to this, as my profile would suggest, and have this question for you..

    I am a learner, and have only ridden trail bikes and trials bikes around a farm occasionally. I am booked in to do my L's next weekend, and also looking for a bike 2 buy. I'm currently considering a ZZR250 because I will only be riding on the road, and I love the look of them. I'm a little concerned that I won't be able to handle a different riding position. I know I could hop on a CB and be ok, but they look so old fashioned..

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I know Bond Girl will, but anyone else?
  2. the ZZR will take a bit of getting used to, but so will any bike. If this is your first road bike it will probably be replaced when you get off a restricted license. Why not try something new? I would also recommend the CB250, I'm hoping my daughter gets one when she gets her bike L's. It's the bike that launched a thousand riders.
  3. Thanks leftleg. It will certainly be my first road bike. I wonder about the restricted licence thing tho, being in NSW where we seem to have more choice.. maybe I will stick with what I get for a while. I notice u have a funduro. My husband and I have had one of those for the last 9 months and just sold it. Nice bike tho.
  4. Shame you sold the Funduro. It would have been perfect for you. Learner legal in NSW, road and trail. Don't know how you could bring yourself to part with such a wonderful machine. Shame on you. My bikes quivering to think that some one would even consider it.

    As you can see, I really enjoy my bike. i have also been drinking tonight, hence the ramble :D
  5. That's ok, I'm drinking too... I think the funduro would definitely have been too big for me. I wouldn't even be able to hold it up! I'm not even sure how I'll go with a ZZR. The funduro was definitely a nice bike, but we've bought a Suzuki V-Strom. It's nice too.
  6. capri727,

    This was exactly my position when I started out on the road. I'd done my fair share of dirt bike riding but decided to start out on a 'proper' road bike even though I was living in the country. I purchased a new ZZR-250 and as I rode away from the shop I'd have to say the bike felt more than a little strange. This was about a dozen years ago and I can still recall those first few moments. :)

    It wasn't so much the riding position as the lack of leverage through the bars, the firm feeling of the suspension, and the comparitively large turning circle - out of the shop, straight into a very tight u-turn and bang go the lock stops... Fortunately, I completed the turn with no dramas, despite the little flutter, and within a few corners I felt completely at home. It's just another bike after all. You'll be fine!

  7. The Funduro's too big....and you bought a Strom?????
    And then the ZZR-250 is too big? Think I'm reading this wrong... :(
    Congrats anyway...which one, V-Strom or Wee-Strom :D :D
  8. Sorry for the confusion, glitch_02! My husband has just bought a V-Strom that I will continue to enjoy being a pillion on, but I am looking to buy a bike for myself, hence the ZZR in question. :)
  9. wondering y, coz even the wee strom isnt learner legal in nsw.........:(
  10. Bummer, a tad above the power/ weight thingo, I guess...
    Nice bike, rode the 650 occasionaly in NZ lately...
  11. Gotcha :D :D
    He bought the 650 or 1000?
    He might find some pics of "his" Strom amongst that lot, either one that is:
    (Works on that page just started, there are some "glitches" :D )
  12. He bought the 650. That's all he'll need, hopefully, if I can manage a bike of my own.
  13. Ahhh my reputation preceeds me! Yes I love my bike & I'm in no hurry to upgrade he's perfect for me & if schools such as MTA are only using them then why wouldn't they be perfect for learners? Bond will go fast enough to lose my licence if I let him & height isn't as issue, same with seating position! Fuel economy & serviceability make him perfect!
  14. btw welcome to the forum Capri!
  15. Thanx Bond Girl. I have just bought a ZZR. Now I just have to learn to ride it! :LOL: :?: :LOL:
  16. Goodonya capri727, glad to hear you got the bike you wanted :D

    Welcome to netriders, and enjoy the riding.

  17. Thanx heaps. It's nice to be among friends, allbeit new ones!!
  18. Capri, welcome to the wonderful world of the baby "Z" , you will find the Z may not be as fast as some, and may not growl like others, but the one thing the baby "Z" does well, is cope with learners. All in all a very forgiving bike, and a shit load of fun to learn on.
  19. It's so great to hear from people with enthusiasm and encouragement! All I can do at the moment is sit on my bike, and start it, and admire it. I can't wait to enjoy it...