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Sports VS Cruiser

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by RUMPYTRUMPY, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. I just got back from a little trip up the coast on my Dads XV1600 (finally let me take it away) Found the trip quite interesting it almost makes me feel guilty to be soooo comfortable for so long. On the return trip i found myself thinking i could handle this , unsure however if i could be truly happy not being able to corner the way i do on my current bike without scraping the foot boards all the time .... but the sound of this thing is awesome. to begin with i found it absurdly loud but after the 1st 100 clicks or so i started to enjoy the thump and all that torque ..... now im kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place , kinda like a Bi sexual male at the sydney mardi gras must feel , i want the best of both worlds now im definately thinking seriuosly about buying a rocket III because i think they are as close as you could get to an exciting yet cruisy type bike... what do yall think ?
    if you wanted the best of sports and cruiser what would you pick ?


    I noticed while travelling , being used to nodding and waving as i usually do i kept this up to other bikes , because i was on a cruiser i got hardly any waves back from riders on sprts bikes and more than usual from cruiser riders .... i guess it all comes down to what you ride and who you wave to
  2. Well,well....you have just confirmed everything Ive been experiencing of late, and i thought it was just cos I was on a virago...not a sports bike...and def not a real cruiser :LOL:

    I am new to this caper...but I have been doing the wave/nod thing since I
    started riding myself in january....I wave or nod to all riders and usually get a wave back from sports bikes ...but them damn harley riders...they just ignore me, I thought it was cos my lil virago wasnt up to standard in their mind....but last week...I did get my first nod from a harley rider and I was quite chuffed actually :p :LOL:
    On a different note...I drove the car the other day and found myself doing the royal nod whilst driving....they must have thought I was a right ol'goose :p :oops: :LOL:

    I chose my virago cos of the comfort value and its very light weight..so if I do happen to drop her (touch wood) I can pick her up easy, I also chose her cos of her low seat/centre of gravity, but now I am scraping the pegs ...scared the heck out of me the first time, so I have to refrain from throwing her into corners too hard :oops: but yeah...being stuck between a rock and a hard place is how I feel too...only 6 weeks has passed and I already want another bike...been looking at an across...but I have told myself to wait til I at least get my P's before I make any change, so cos of this...I am not going to buy the saddle bags and sissy bar that I have wanted to get, cant see the point in spending money on a bike Im not intending to keep.

    In a perfect world...you would have two bikes...a cruiser and a sports bike...but understandably this isnt a perfect world.

    good luck with the decision process, I hope you find something to suit :)
  3. I recently sold my CBR250 and purchased a Hyosung Aquila.

    LOVE IT!!

    I hated riding the sports bike, Didn't get that "buzz" people talk about when they ride. Was so uncomftable sore wrist, elbow, kidney and knee.
    Gee all that and im only 29.

    People had been telling me try a cruiser you will love it, pfttt i didn't like the look of them. Love the look of a sports bike.

    So i finally bit the dust, I went for maybe a 200mtr ride on a friends Aquila, loved it so much i sold my CBR and bought an Aquila within the week!!

    Now i love to ride, comfort, style, can head check with ease, Car seem to see me can see everything and yes cruiser now wave to me.

    Crusier may not always have the looks but they sure do have style!!

    Kerry the converted.
  4. You could get an MT-01. Might be a fair middle-ground? :p
  5. [quote="caz3064
    ...but them damn harley riders...they just ignore me, I thought it was cos my lil virago wasnt up to standard in their mind....but last week...I did get my first nod from a harley rider and I was quite chuffed actually :p :LOL:
    On a different note...I drove the car the other day and found myself doing the royal nod whilst driving....they must have thought I was a right ol'goose :p :oops: :LOL:


    the "hardley riders" dont wave back as a rule because they either think they are to good to bother with us small fry ...or ... to bad to wave to anyone without firing shots.

    I parked outside the shopping centre a couple of weeks ago and shared a carspace with another bike , when i was inside i saw the guy coming the other way with his trolley , and i had mine , we both had out helmets and bags stored in the trolleys and as we passed gave the same nod we would have if we passed on the road , it wasnt till I did it i realised how funny it was
  6. Seems I'm not the only one who wanted to ditch the Virago after 6 weeks :grin:
  7. if a cruiser is the go you can't go past a harley
  8. Firstly, is a CBR250 really a sportsbike ?? :p
    I have only recently gone through the same dilema and after much research and heart searching I settled on a kawasaki 1600 mean streak. All that torque and the great note from the Muzzy 2 into 1 exhaust - I love riding it. It has fantastic brakes and can still corner quite hard before things start to scrape. On my VFR800 or CBR1100 I was always travelling at warp speed to have fun, on the cruiser that seems to happen at a lower speed so I look like keeping the ticket a bit longer now!! :LOL:
  9. what kind of cruiser that's non-harley is one of the most common?
    eg: easy for parts etc too
  10. I think in the US of A that is the Mean Streak! :cool:
  11. Sports VS Cruiser ?

    Comfortable - no need to visit your chiro after a weekend of riding, also you can wear comfortable clothing to suit your ride, you can wear a comfy open face helmet with heaps of peripheral vision and you wont heat up so much.

    Versatile - some cruisers go hard with plenty of bolt on performance options, some are not so wide and will lane split no different than a sports bike.

    Stylish – lots of chrome and metal, cruisers are big head turners. There is no shortage of factory accessories and customising options to individualise your cruiser. No 2 cruisers have to look the same.

    Relaxed Attitude – Cruiser riders don’t have to indulge in the Wank-Factor that sports bike riders get caught up in, because sport bike riders often have the exact identical bikes to each other, to stand out amongst themselves they have to try and look more hardcore than the next dude, they achieve this with their selection of riding gear, many choose to dress to give the impression as if they have just finished a record breaking lap time, yet they’ve only just ridden to a café and back with their intimate mates Cyril & Julian, they all need to have the very latest bullet proof armour clothing, from Kevlar gimp masks to carbon fibre g-strings.
    With cruisers there’s no need to buy the latest weird arse hi tech attire, you don’t have to look like a power ranger and tuck your pants into your boots – telling the whole world you’re on your way to a gay bootscooting event, and it’s simply a case of riding in comfy attire for the weather that you will be riding in.

    Personally I like traditional V-Twin cruisers with a classic look – the sound & style is unmatched, the Rocket III has an engine that looks like any car engine does, in a very unappealing plain cast finish.

    Harley has the biggest range of models, the biggest range of accessories and performance kits straight off the shelf, walk into a Harley showroom and take a look at the fit, the finish, and the paint jobs, today’s Harleys are to die for, & they hold their values extremely well.

    Cruisers are more about torque and style than speed, But If you’re looking for a fast cruiser then look at the V-Rod, they will pull low 11’s straight out of the box, without any basic mods, that’s quick for a stock cruiser.

    Sports VS Cruiser ? NO CONTEST
  12. wtf plx xpl
  13. The best of both worlds? Then throw in real touring capabiltity? cornering as you're used to??? and some dirt abilities? !!!
    You're badly after a big Chookie !! Real badly...
    Take out a BMW GS/ Yammie TDM/ Suzie V-Strom foir a test-spin....THEN you'll know what a grin is... :grin: :grin:
  14. I think you get wankers riding every style of bike. Sports bikes attract at least two types; the Carlos Fandango Replica underwear wearers who buy an Aprilia Whatever because their barista recommended it to them and the boy racers who actually ride them quickly- but stupidly. Apparently if you're not lane splitting at 200ks then your testicles fall off.
    Cruisers tend to attract a lot of franchised individualists who all buy rather similar looking bikes and then express their individuality by adding bolt-ons from the same catalogues as every one else. Some of them have been known to match the tassles on their jackets to the tassles on their bikes. And wank over how 'wild and free' they look as they cruise down to have a macchiato with an Aprilia rider.
    Personally, if I were to make a choice, I'd go for a cruiser, you can't use a sportsbike to its full potential on the road (I can't use one to its full potential anywhere), but cruisers are fun to ride at any speed.
    I'm not versed in such things, but I'd imagine they'd hold their value a bit better, too.
  15. Absolute Gold :LOL: , welcome to the forums.
  16. Pure danger factor for me, I'm much more agile and able to zip around trouble on my Hornet than I ever was on a cruiser.

    And I love cornering, which pretty much rules those big shiny boat things out anyway.

    Image isn't really my biggest concern (if it was I'd have a loooong way to go) but I did enjoy the way everyone perved at my old cruiser.

    Just a pity it didn't go, stop or corner really. And that's what I like to do.
  17. Interesting to note that the only individuals bagging out the "other camp" in this thread are the cruiser flag wavers.

    Says it all really.

    All the sports bike riders are too busy out having fun, and not needing to feel like they're missing out and spit sour grapes about it. :wink: :grin:
  18. I reckon the bandit is somewhere in the middle, sports bike performance and handling without looking like a greyhound rooting a golf ball when you ride. Nice and comfy for long distance too. A bit more chrome wouldn't hurt though.
  19. performance? cruiser? yammy vmax any one?
  20. DuHast you cracked me up with your comments, hit the nail on the head with a lot of them!! :LOL:

    It seems to me that in many fields of endeavour, like downhill skiing, scuba diving, bicycle riding, mountain biking, bushwalking etc that I have experienced there are always the wanker types who just go out and buy all the flashy latest gear but cant do diddly squat and then there are the others who shine with their skill on a shoe string budget! I guess the main thing is to not care too much about others and how shallow they may be but to just enjoy what you do! Once you look past all the credit card bling it doesn't take long to see who can walk the talk and who is still learning to crawl :grin: