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Sports vs Cruiser Road Rage

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Dec 28, 2005.

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    This topic has got me thinking are you more likely to cop aggresive Road Rage from cages on a Sports Bike or Cruiser.

    My opinion is on a cruiser you are less likely to cop abuse on a cruiser as cage drivers may have an idea of cruiser riders being big tough guys who are going to drag you though a car window ( had a uncle do that to a guy at traffic lights once) and then kick the s**t out of you.

    Rather than the sports guys who they consider more normal/ everyday guys.******

    Ps ****** This an idea not my opnion on sport bike riders.

    Tim :grin: :grin:

  2. Does a CB900 count as a sportbike?

    I don't cop a lot of shit on the road... But I have enormous shoulders which look even wider with my jacket on, and a beard, and I look like a thug.

    Which is handy I spose... Not an option for everyone though.

    Another thing is I don't hang around in traffic, I'll split past using whatever means are necessary so people don't have a lot of time to be angry.
  3. MMMMM....dunno...apparently, according to hearsay, I just look "scary", and I ride a sports bike!!!!

    If it was a Harley, and the guy was wearing a "Rebels" (or whoever) patch then I think most people would steer clear...Those guys never trouble me though - they're no different to "us" really....

  4. Depends on the rider and how they are dressed much more than the bike I think.
    No ones going to start any trouble with a big ugly bikie, whether they are on a harley or a 50cc scooter.

    On a bike everyone can see your physical size, so thats a major factor no matter what you ride.

    Black looks meaner than bright colours.
    Tinted visors tend to intimidate people.
    P/L plates make you look like an easier target, stick an L plate on your bike and ride around at the speed limit, you will notice a difference in how cars treat you.

    A squid in T-shirt and joggers dosnt look intimidating at all, they just look like mushy squids. Full leathers, boots, etc makes you look like your from space, all armoured and scary like Darth Vader :LOL:
  5. What a crock of shit Loz...

    Your beard and wide shoulders have nothing to do with it...they are all afraid of the mighty power ranger jacket :p

  6. Actually Cactus that's a good point. They all fear me because I may, at any moment, leap off my bike and perform a series of superman poses before power ranging their arse.

    A legitimate fear too.
  7. Ive got red power ranger leathers, at a petrol station one day a little kid looked at me with his eyes popping out of his head "daddy daddy p p power ranger !!! :shock: "

    If we find all the colors we can join our bikes together into a big cage smashing robot :p
  8. Or the become the bikkie Wiggles and hold hands and dance at the traffic lights
  9. i'm not sure if this is correct or not but cruisers are quite large and are unable to lane split? lane splitting seems to annoy a few cages so i guess they're less likely to get annoyed at a non splitting cruiser? what ya think?
  10. I think the bike has something to do with it, more in general commuting than lane splitting...

    I have very little experience on the road to date, but have already noticed the difference in attitude from traffic riding my little 200cc scoot compared to my GSXR.

    On the scooter they were always up my arse trying to pass me, on the GSXR so far I have gotten respect on the road...very little time on the GSXR though.
  11. Mine lane splits quite happily , so do alot of other cruisers that run the Nepean Hwy each day
  12. really? that suprises me cause i thought they were all pretty wide.

    of all the bikes that i have ever seen split i can't recall any of em to be cruisers funnily enough.....guess i'm wrong on that point then
  13. i think the only difference between cruisers and sports bikes are the attitudes carried by those people
  14. My experience is that most people who don't ride, don't distinguish between bikes. Others might recognise the odd Harley and refer to others as "the kind with a windscreen". When it comes to rider's I think most people can distinguish between a 1%er and an everyday rider, but the rest think we're all drug dealing thugs so I doubt the choice of ride makes much difference in the mind of a cager.

    An L plate as said earlier is definately like honey for the bees though. I reckon bikes might be better off exempt from the things. The number of times I've seen someone nearly kill an L plater then give me a wide berth is not funny.
  15. We ARE drug dealing thugs....aren't we? :?
  16. There's a reason for that.... :LOL:
  17. Hmmpt. I'm happy with the perception. Just makes it all the more fun when I drop their daughter off in the morning. :cool: