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Sports touring tyre recommendations??

Discussion in 'Tyres' at netrider.net.au started by UDLOSE, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. I just bought a VTR1000 as an all around bike. I'm looking at doing mainly long trips on the mountains and a bit of commuting. I'm looking for a duel compound tyre that's good on the mountains but safe in the wet and has decent milage. I'm happy to sacrifice a bit of milage for performance.

    I used to run pilot road IIs on my blackbird and they were good in the wet and lasted and the VTR has them now except it has a squarish 190 on the rear so it handles pretty bad. I'm going to go back to a 180.

    After trying a few different tyre styles on my 600s I've decided that I hate the egg profile tyres which is common on the michilons, they don't suit my riding style at all.

    So what is there that's like a pilot road II with a less steep profile?

    What about those silly angel/demon pirellis?


  2. Wrong section, try products and services in tyres
  3. I've been happy with my Pirelli Angel ST's so far. (14000) Mainly commuting and long trips with spirited riding. The rear is pretty well gone. Great in the wet and confidence inspiring in the dry, still have a small chicken strip on both front and back. Just came back from a run up the Oxley and Waterfall way, Got the feeling that the Angels were losing grip/traction in a very controlled way, something that I didn't notice until around the 12000km mark. I'm also looking for a new rear for the CBR. Might try the Pilot Road III's. Seem to be better than the II's in some reviews I've read.

    P.S. Geeth has a set on his bike which he may be able to comment on.

  4. Compared to the Pilot Road IIs I've found the Angel STs to be:
    * Quicker to tip-in but more stable during a lean. Early on they felt a little bit too 'eager' to tip in when riding straight in wet conditions. Not a problem, just an interesting character.
    * Faaaaairly good wear in the centre. A lot of commuting has squared off mine a little in the middle, but I think they've handled centre-tread wear better than the two sets of PR2s.

    My only other observation with the Angel ST is that they're a little slippery when cold, but they warm up fairly easily/quickly. Dunno how they survive sustained racetrack work, but for spirited riding on the street I've not had a problem with them. :)
  5. Thanks for the feedback, I found the same thing with michilons they tip in very easy but then when you get it right over it's awkward on the edge and hard to progressively increase angle.

    I run pirellis (supercorsas) on my cbr600rr and my old 675 and they are great at big lean on the road and track, they feel like you can lean them as far as you dare unlike there pilots where it felt like you've hit a wall.

    The VTR will never see the track so I'm not worried about that. Just spirited road riding.

    I think I'm pretty sold on the angel ST tyres since I've had good experience with pirelli so far.

    I'm still very happy to hear other people's opinions on tyres it means alot to me.

  6. Have a think about the Metzeler Z6 or Z8 too..very predictable in the wet or dry, good wear characteristics...very easy to live with
  7. I have had a pretty good run with dunlop roadsmarts had 5 sets on my zx9.I do a fair bit of twisties but also a fair bit of commuting.Never had one square off .They are also pretty good in the wet.Just recently i decieded to try a set of M5 metzlers only had them on for one ride so cant comment yet.
  8. Had a set of Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact's got 9000 from rear and 13000 from front. Great in wet or dry. Currently on a power pure/road II combo but next up will go for a set of Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact which should be on par if not better than Road II in terms of mileage and durability. My bike weighs close to 200kg wet.
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