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Sports tourers with legroom?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Rip, May 27, 2010.

  1. Hi All. It's come time to replace the trusty VFR. While it's been great, its getting long in the tooth and the lack of legroom is a pain.

    So - what's like a VFR, but with more legroom? Fun in the twisties, but comfortable enough for a long day's travel?

    Budget of $6-7k. Any suggestions appreciated.


  2. Guess a Sprint be the tallest

    But try all of them, peg and bar position play a part as well
  3. What about making slight adjustments to a bike you like which is close to the right size..

    Like rearsets that allow the pegs to be shifted back, raise the seat or add padding to it etc
    Maybe even sit further back?
  4. Yes I say sprint too' nice bike lots of power

    Sorry to hear the VFRs days are over
  5. BMW...you know you want to.
  6. Owning a Tiger 1050 has unfortunately skewed my understanding of legroom on a motorcycle. There's "tall sports-tourer legroom" and "things I have to fold my legs in half to ride".

    I do remember the ZX14 (maybe its older siblings too?), VFR800 and Sprint ST being pretty good for legroom. Blackbird has surprisingly little legroom despite its size/dimensions.

    I've heard the Aprilia RST Futura is good for tall blokes, but Aprilia's got next to no support in Australia (a friend over in Perth mentioned having to wait weeks upon weeks just for basic service consumables like chains + sprockets).

    Hmm hmm. Triumph Sprint RS? (Back on the 955i engines) Have heard they're not too bad for legroom, if you don't mind the intriguing look of the front fairing.
  7. I get my RS in about 6 or 7 weeks!!! (MAYBE a week or two longer due to $1000 bill 8-[ )

    Excellent bike, and REALLY very sexy and sporty and very very happy with touring also! BEST test ride I've ever had :D
  8. Hubby rides a Triumph Trophy. (see pic). Has clocked up 130,000 klms and still going strong. Plenty of leg room and lots of pillion space if needed, comes with secure panniers, worth a look if you can get hold of one. He loves this bike, says its the ideal sports tourer. but then hes biased.

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  9. I'd look for an early paralever K100RS or K1100RS for that budget. Anything with less than 160,000km s on it is barely run in, they handle very well, the ergonomics are superb and most have been owned by old boys so they've been looked after. You could be pleasantly surprised by service and spares costs too, and insurance is highly likely to be cheaper than your VFR.
  10. Thanks for the input, guys-a few more ideas to add to the list. I like the Sprints (even the RS, if you can get past the "look out, he's got his probe!" looks). A BMW wasn't even on the radar, but might have a look for sh*ts and giggles.

    Would the VFR800 be roomier than the earlier VFRs? I assumed they were all similar.

    Playing with bars and pegs is fine, but I figure you want something pretty close as a starting point. Plus, if I sit far enough back on the VFR to get my knees behind the fairing the handling becomes, well, weird.

    Agree with the comment on the blackbird. I posted after having a look at a 2000 model (bigger must be better, right? : ) and finding it surprisingly cramped.

    Thanks again
  11. GSX650F .
    You should be able to pick one up with bugger all Km's for $7000.
    Its made to tour and eat up long days.
  12. My Buell Ulysses is preety roomy but you might have trouble getting one for $7k. I would also check out the other adventure tourers. The Triumph tiger has the same engine as the sprint but is much roomier. You could also try out the stroms. Getting away from the sporty part but they are fine for legal speeds.
  13. i am thinking the same when i get my next bike. I am looking at gsx1250fa - basically a fully faired bandit, or for that money a 2nd hand bandit 1250s or 1250sa. plenty of grunt, comfort and footpegs in a good spot etc
  14. If the VFR is too cramped you won't get much relief from the Sprint, as great a bike as it is. I'm about to put my Sprint up for sale for that very reason, although I have a bad knee and neck, which has forced the sale.
  15. I have an 07 vfr that's good for me leg room wise and I'm 6f 2

    best thing to do would be to go around to your local bike shops and sit on what ever takes your eye \\:D/

    And see were your knees come to on the tank
    How tall are you ??
  16. I'm 6 3. The problem with the VFR750 is not that its cramped exactly, but that my shins sit on the side fairings. When I wear kneepads I can't get me knees behind the fairings, so end up sitting with knees out in the breeze.
  17. Change the bars so that you can sit a little further back, but without leaning forward to reach, which is probably why "the handling becomes, well, weird". I know, just more playing with the bars, but considerably cheaper than a new bike, and an easy method to test a more upright position.

    The old 750 VFRs are a great bike. Shame to change if it can be fixed. Of course, I could suggest a Ducati Multistrada as a fun sports tourer, but someone will throw something at me! (Probably does not quite meet your cost, space, or comfort requirements, but fun in the twisties.) :D
  18. Went from a 750 VFR to a slightly larger sort of sports tourer in an FJR 13 and haven't looked back , I as well as other riders reckon it shits all over the VFR 750 and the Blackbird for handling and comfort. It will drag the pegs yes but at that point I am on the edge of PR2's . If anyone doesnt think they are fun or quick then try to chase one down that doesnt want to get caught.