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Sports tourer suggestions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jeimbo, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Right, well I traded the Suzy 1200 Bandit in on a 2009 GSXR750 in March 2009 and have since done 18000km in twisty bits, long touring etc and have decided that, well,maybe my orthopaedically challenged 42 year old frame ain't up to it and would prob be better of with higher bars, more forward pegs and a motor that developed its power in lower rev ranges.
    Now my partner has an SV1000 which I love riding as it has a tremendous road presence, does it's thing under 10000rpm and is comfy to boot.

    So given I'm keen to keep a Ventura rack on it, Oxford heated grips, avoid the crouched supersport riding possy but having some sort of sporting capability, what do you guys reckon fits the bill or what are my alternatives to consider for the next bike? I'm thinking 2006 model or so, not new.

  2. Bandit 1250SA or GT? Fantastic bike if I say so myself.

    I looked at the CBF1000 and the Triumph Sprint ST but decided that Bandit was the best bang for buck.
  3. If you like the SV1000, have you looked at the DL1000?
  4. FZ1S?

    I've had a 1st Gen Fazer for 6 years and am thinking I'm going to have a hard time replacing it. Hopefully the new model is as good.
  5. BMW R1200GS. Seriously. Agile enough to push through the twisties and comfortable enough to ride all day on.
  6. zx14....... :)

  7. if you like the sv, why not buy a later model thou 's' then pull off all the goodies on your partners sv before she trades it in later in the year, and well you are done (y)
  8. Oh, I know - how about the ZX14? I hear that's a good one.
  9. K1200RS, the ultimate Brick. Comfy, fast, good handling and cheap (oh yes) to run for a litre plus. Prices seem pretty good. I assume because lots of K12 owners upgraded to the crossways bike when it came out. Look on it as a family heirloom and you can't go far wrong.
  10. For sure. I've ridden my fathers R1100S and that thing rocks - very comfortable, heaps of get-up-and-go from basically idle upwards, and has good gear carying capacity if you fit a ventura rack (as per Dad) and/or sidebags. He does a ~1000km trip to the MotoGP most years on it with no worries. Pick 'em up cheap, as they've been surpassed by both the R1150S and R1200S...both pretty much the same but with a bit more power.

    I'd tick the box for the Bandit too, I had an older GS850 and it seemed alright...can only imagine that the Bandit would be brilliant. Have a few friends who ride (& love) them too.

    Cheers - boingk
  11. Yup. I'd definitely recommend the S over other R1100s, mainly on the basis that it has a much nicer K derived gearbox than, say, the RT.
  12. ZX14 you reckon John? I know from following you they can be punted hard!!

    Looking like a VTR1000 could be the go - got the V twin litre motor and is a style that has both sport and touring capabilities. Will see what the riding position is first though but given the SV suits and I hear they're similar it should be fine. That being said I will research that Beemer as well.

    Thanks for your suggestions guys :)

    Gixxer should be on Bikesales this week. Been following the test ride thread elsewhere with interest - ie what to do when someone wants to test ride your bike - I'll be pretty nervous at that time!!
  13. CBR1000RR works well with a few slight mods
  14. I spent a long time looking around for the same thing and the zzr1200 fit the bill best for me
  15. Generally pretty cheap for what they are, too.
  16. yeah thanks jeimbo, they dont go too bad (dyno'd recently @155bhp), it certainly is more bike than I am rider.

    mine is stock apart from a couple of touring mods: helibar risers, 12v power outlet, hotgrips and a gearsack rack.

    A comfortable beast fer sure, 800km+ day, day after day, no probs

  17. I'm surprised your partner hasn't extolled the virtues of the Triumph triples. The 1050 is a brilliant grunty yet revy motor. Whether it be housed in the Sprint or Speed triple. Surprised no one else has mentioned it either.
  18. If you're looking at a Triumph, could you go past the Tiger? Great looking bike IMO, and the reviews are all good that i've seen.

    If you're looking at the ZZR1200, the Blackbird might make the list also. I've always had a soft spot for them, and they're sensational value.