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Sports Tourer for my next bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by sonicbaz, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. My fiance and I went looking at sports tourers yesterday.

    We both love the way they look and can imagine covering a fair few k's on one of these. In particular we loved the FJR1300 and are now planning on picking one up in the next 6 months. :grin:

    My only worry is it's such a big step up from a 250 and I'm kind of wondering how I'd go riding something this big.

    Any advice or comments would be appreciated.

  2. nice and easy does it
  3. Hi there

    Well, believe it or not, I went from a Aerox Scooter 100cc weighing 100kgs tops to my current bike CBR600F which weighs around 190kg and is heaps bigger ofcourse.
    Back then, I just wanted a cheap commuter and feared the danger aspect of riding motorbikes etc.

    I am huge (not) - 1.65cm tall and weigh a massive 59kg.

    Before my 600 purchase, I hired the Fireblade 250 RR (Honda) a few times.
    The same skill to handle those bikes still apply to the bigger bikes - except there is more weight and power.
    However, I always felt that the bigger bikes had much better suspension, brakes, plus more tyre width = safety and more power helped for safety reasons besides the huge grin.

    Can you picture me also riding a Harley Davidson Road King (320kgs!!) with a pillion on the back!
    I handled that bike with no problems except U Turns was a interesting experience.

    As long as you feel comfortable in the saddle, with both feet on the ground, and the weight of the pillion behind you - you should be fine.
  4. FJR

    Try PM ing user name jgm,or if you go to his avatar in user list,his email is listed as well,he has one,he will give you the lowdown on them,there a fanatastic bike basically is the cut and dry of it but yes,going from a 2fiddy to a 1300,yes,is a huge leap,but you treat them with respect they command,and you should be fine,youre a very lucky man and woman,they are my dream bike,I just cant justify the price,I will own one,1 day,ohhhhhhh yes I will,just have to wait to they come down in price.
    and you aint gonna beleive this,I just got to the sentence before this one and my mobile rings and its him,asking me if I want to go for a ride,good omen me finks :grin:
  5. No problems, as has been said treat the throttle with respect and you will be fine. I got of the zzr250 and straight on to the ZX12R and have never looked back. I would be fairly confident in saying you will actually find the bigger bike easier to ride..
  6. ~40HP CBR250R --> ~2.5 years off the bike --> ~140HP CBR1000RR.

    Took me about a month to get my throttle control smooth enough to be happy with it and about 3 months to get completely comfortable with things. Probably be a little easier for you since you've been on the bike all that time and won't need to build up from scratch.

    It can be done but I wouldn't advise anyone to do it unless they had an exceedingly level head on thier shoulders.

    Take it really easy, perfect your throttle control, don't be tempted to stretch the bikes legs too soon and try and avoid situations where peer pressure or compedativeness could cause you to make a mistake.

    My next bike I will be taking it down a few notches so its not as expensive to maintain and the availAble power is more usuable on the road which should relieve some of the responsibility of riding something with big HP and open things up for more fun at lower HP.
  7. You'll love the FJR, I got myself one about 2 months ago and have just cracked 2500k on her :)

    As the others have said just be warry of the throttle and you'll be fine, they are built for the open road / twoup and sweeping corners :)
    they are alittle heavy in the tighter stuff but still fun.
    My partner calls it the 100kph couch :LOL:

    Feel free to pm me and i'll pass on any info i can to you :)

    I still have my VTR1000 and after yesterdays ride through the tighter stuff on the FJR, the VTR will be my prefered choice on "fun" rides
  8. As Movin just pointed out...feel free to shoot me a PM if you'd like to talk about the FJR...mine's an 05 model.
    In the meantime...you will probably find that you will adapt to the whichever bike you buy...you just have to allow yourself the time to get used to things. In the case of the FJR it's the power and weight, and basically getting the feel of it, which can only come with time in the seat.

    They have a boat load of grunt which is perfect for touring, especially when two-up and carrying gear, and if you wanna give it a blast, just slip the side-boxes off, tighten up the suspension dampening appropriately, and hang on....there's alot of power at your disposal. :)
  9. The FJR is in my opinion a bike like no other. As has already been mentioned it is a big tourer. Its' closest competitor would be Honda's ST1300. What the FJR has however is the fact it is very light given the class of bike it is in (about 240 kg dry). The ST is about 40 or 50 kilos heavier. As also mentioned you can drop the panniers off and it doesnt like aweful!! A great engine, large tank capacity, shaft drive (that behaves more like chain drive than shaft drive) and a lazy 5 speed make it a very comfortable mount. At the same time it is surprisingly capable considering the class it is in. I have an '04 and it is by far teh best bike I have ever owned due to the simple fact it does everything well. Of course other bikes may be better at corners, others better at this, and others better at that. But it does do everything well. It is certainly a big step from a 250 but at the same time is pretty forgiving. Just remember that things happen at lot faster and due to the comfort can be very misleading.