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Sports/Sports Tourer Confusion!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ricomac, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Yo there

    I am in the market for a 600-750 Sports or Sports Tourer. Problem is I can't find anything that is small enough. I am only 163cm. Most recently tried the CBR600F and I was on the very very extreme of my tip toes to keep it up. Any suggestions?

  2. The GSX750F has a very low seat height and is a popular choice amongst shorter riders.

    It's more on the touring side of sports/touring though so it may not suit if you have serious sports intentions.
  3. Yeah probably a bit too tourey for me. Leaning more towards the sports side. But all the sports bikes seem to have really high seats!
  4. Hey ricomac
    Have you sat on a ZZR 600, I used to have one , nice and low , but the suspension was not as good as tha CBR 600 I had.
    DareI say my DUC is nice and low but I think the suspension is S@!#T. BTW my ZZR was A91 MODEL.
  5. zzr are a great low sports tourer.

    Kawasaki used to race them and they are nice and low.

    Try one
  6. Get a cushion?
  7. Just had a look at a ZZR600 there. Doesn't look that agressive but looks low alright. Not sure I'd feel safe on a cushion Duffman :grin:
  8. Kwaka ER6 has quite a low seat at 760 mm, Yamaha FZ6 is 795mm. The CBR600f is 805mm so both of these might be worth a look. Narrowness of seat etc has a bearing too.
  9. The ER6 is really the new fangle ZZR.

    ER6-N for Naked version and ER6-F for full faring.

    I dont like the naked look though. Whe you see the Faring version you can see its ZZR Roots.
  10. Yeah actually that ER6F looks lovely. I saw that the Duke 749 has a low seat height but I heard that the handlebars are a long reach.
  11. Bite your toung!!!!
    The 2006 ZZR 600 is HOT (Basicly a variant on a 04 ZXR600) the ER6F isn't bad but it is no ZZR.
    Unfortunatly kawasaki in there infinite wisdom has not elected to import the 06 600 into Australia [img:21:16:898b64d55a]http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/5167/bawlingdk6.gif[/img:898b64d55a]
  12. also er6 is a parallel twin, even the earliest zzr 600 would run rings around it
  13. But you would still say the ER6F is sporty right? Or is it not considered to be a 'cool' bike?
  14. parallel twin and the word sporty can not be used in the same sentence. Chances are any bike you buy will need springs changed front and back unless you're heavy for your height. This will lower the bike somewhat.
  15. It is still kinda sporty. It has a very upright seating position and particularly wide bars though.

    When I was looking for an upgrade bike over the last couple of weeks I liked it but did end up going for the cbr600f instead. Don't forget that FZ6 either - I found it felt a lot smaller for me then the cbr. It's a lot 'sportier' than the ER6. Both bikes can be had faired/unfaired by the way.
  16. Cool Renze. Very interesting!
  17. The ERF is sorta Sporty, Like the GPX Is sorta sporty. it is narow and light, where the ZZR Has a bit of body to it.

    I am not knocking it at all, but it is a diferent look and feel. go into a Kwaka shop and take a look, that is the best way to decide your thoughts on the subject
  18. Sounds like a good idea Falcon...........
  19. A mate of mine just bought a bike for his wife, who's five-foot nothing.

    She previously had a Kawasaki ER5, with some padding removed from the seat.

    After a lot of consideration, she now has a Kawasaki ZR7 (2000 model, only 7000km on the clock). Again, they're going to get the seat reshaped, and they might replace the rear shock and linkage if they need to drop the bike any lower. And they're putting a screen on the bike for some protection while touring.

    Seems like most of the bikes suitable for shorter people are cruisers, which aren't everyone's cup of tea. The ZR7's not especially sporty in the sense people usually mean, but it's got enough grunt to be enjoyable and is light and nimble.

    They had originally considered a GSX750F, but although I'm very happy with mine I wouldn't recommend it for a shorter person because the bike's no lightweight and the weight is carried quite high.

    Good luck with your search, and let us know what you end up with! :)
  20. The ZZR600 weighs about the same and has about 25 more horsepower. It still isn't a 'sports' bike.
    The ER6 series are budget commuters, nothing more nothing less.