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Sports Personality of the Year - Vote for Casey Stoner!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Spud Gun, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Voting has opened for the sports personality of the year and my vote will be going to Casey Stoner. What a MotoGP season he has given us! I reckon we should collectively acknowledge his achievement.


  2. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Casey Stoner.... Personality.....

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Sorry. Cadel got my vote.
  4. +1

    Good guy, but personality? :shock: :shock:
  5. Ah come on! Cadel? The guy has an ego the size of Tassie who didn't actually manage to win the Tour de France! Casey Stoner is a 22 year old still finding his feet in front of the camera. In a sport where Rossi is 'the' personality yardstick, its hard for anyone to measure up. And anyone who does get noticed becomes annoying because they are percieved as trying to be like Rossi. Lorenzo would be someone like that... actually he is just a prick. Stoner is a reserved, quiet and humble guy and in case we have forgotten, is the MotoGP World Chamion. Come on people! Lets acknowledge the raised profile he has given to motorcycling in Australia. Vote Casey Stoner this November, candidate for Philip Island!
  6. I'd happily vote him "fast motorcycle rider of the year" but the day I call him a "personality" is the day I vote dubya into MENSA.
  7. i'd vote Ian Thorpe any time any day
  8. Why do people continue to Casey-bash. The bloke has just turned 22 and has the world media's glare upon him. Lets not forget he is now at the peak of his chosen sport. How would you cope? 12 months ago, the very same media, along with many net riders were laughing at him, and his crash record. Now the same people are up his ar&e. So the bloke is quiet and intensly shy and on occasion in the past hasn't presented well. Those around my vintage and older will remember that when Mick first hit the world scene and was interviewed he sounded like a bogan from a dubbo caravan park. He may not be the big personality that Valentino is, but I'd rather talk to him any day over Danny! Get behind a true Aussie champion. In comparison to Cadel or Ian Thorpe.... please!
  9. Not casey bashing at all. He seems like a good bloke and sure cut him slack for not presenting well etc. as he's young and new to the media. But giving him the personality award because he is new and thus doesn't present well so should be given extra consideration would be like giving me the gp championship because I'm a newbie :rofl:
  10. fair 'nough! :LOL: ...although it would be nice, imagine all the chicks hanging off you if you were world champ!
  11. Don't need to be world champ for that ;)
  12. Why can't we vote for his teenage Wife?
  13. I think the point of this vote has been completely missed. You are not voting for the sports person with the best personality, because such a vote would see everyone on tenter hooks! :roll: You are voting for the Australian sports person who in your view achieved the most this year. Thats it! You are not voting on the character or virtue of the person, just their 07 accomplishments which is why Casey Stoner is the obvious choice in my opinion.
  14. Vote cast for Casey. Go you good thing!

    All those people bashing Casey simply because they don't like his personality need to do two things:

    1. Understand that you don't actually know him. You know what you see on the TV, that's all.

    2. Get a life before you criticise Casey's. You can't tell me any of you wouldn't trade your day jobs for a full-time MotoGP ride.
  15. done - i've stood up and been counted :grin:

    who's cadel? :?
  16. I think its Cadel Evans, the cyclist. :)
  17. Some bloke who shaves his legs and rides one of them motor-less-bikes up the hills around France.
  18. No ones bashing him mate, read posts properly.
  19. Gold! He came 2nd in the Tour de Farce. He would have come 3rd except someone dropped out. He is like the Nikki Hayden of cycling.
  20. Gold! He came 2nd in the Tour de Farce. He would have come 3rd except someone dropped out. He is like the Nikki Hayden of cycling. He would have come first if he used more roids!!