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Sports muffler for hyosung GT250R

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by magpies03, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. eyy guys, me and my friend are wanting to get hyosung GT250R's soon in either the black or the red. is the hyosung loud with a stock exhaust? would the upgrade muffler mke it sound better? apparently it makes it sound like a Ducati because its V-TWIN. Is that good? WHat does the ducati sound like?

  2. The MADAZ pipe sounds really good on these :) Same on the VTR250. They are made in Melbourne. Not sure if Staintune make one, they'd sound good too.
  3. hmmm mate , i know there is alot of HYSONG owners here they would know better, but i think the r still pretty loud for stock! but a mufler would help alot.

    hope that helps junior! ;)
  4. Megacycle are also made in Melbourne (Keysborough)

    They would sound pretty sweet.

    It's a twin thing, all things twin are sweet :)
  5. does the hyosung still sound sweet stock? how much difference would a sports exhaust make? do the mufflers fit on all bikes? or does it have to be specific mufflers??

  6. I can answer one question there. To quote a motorcycle magazine... ducatis sound like a bag of nails. your exhaust can't change the way your engine sounds.

  7. AWWWW Vic, how nice of you to say that! :LOL: :LOL:
  8. The bikes pretty quiet stock, dunno about muffler.

    And the ducati's ive heard dont sound like a bag of nails either. Saw a brand new Monster the other day which sounded pretty meaty
  9. haha i can answer this one :LOL: :LOL:
    on stock exhaust is quite... is the one word... not really a good note
    i got my aftermarket muffler from a place in heidlburg (not sure on spelling)
    place was called stafford bikes they deal with hyosung and with over mufflers and is about $450 - $500 new.. and its a perfect fit and looks the money
    i got my hyosung 250 gt there and got a muffler and ill tell u this....
    it sounds awsome with the muffler.... till about 7000 rpm and its not as meaty
    on idel is sound sweet but if a ducati pulls up next to u.... you will be drowned out as he will sound alot louder and nicer...(this goes for any bike bigger and with a muffler)
    my advise..... GET THE MUFFLER.....if u can afford it
    it sounds alot better and u will be more happy :) :) :)

  10. hyousung and sports in the same sentence :shock:
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  12. i just bought the gt250r and it does sound good stock but the exhaust note is improved imensely with the straight through pipe.
  13. lol it sounds like a 50cc scooter in that video :LOL:
  14. Heheh - some chainsaws have more grunt than that :)

    How much are the T-Shirts by the way ???
  15. $4.97 or near offer
  16. $4.97 ... is that AUD or Pounds ????
    Sounds cheap .... are they made here or in China ?
  17. Megacycle Exhausts in Keysborough actually make the original mufflers for all Hyosung bikes; they are fitted to the bikes once they get here. How's that; Hyosung models are part Aussie!

    Ken at Megacycle can easily make a fantastic sports muffler for it and it won't cost the earth.
  18. Or you could do the logical thing and put that $500 towards buying a real bike when you get off your restrictions.
  19. +1

    I wouldn't bother with pipes on your first 250.

    The GV650 that I test rode had a sport pipe on it, (He he, sports pipe on a cruiser...) and it sounded fan-bloody-tastic!

    My advice, wait until you get your dream bike then spend all the money in the world doing it up...
  20. suppose it depends on how long you plan on keeping your 250 for. Im in no rush to fork out on a new bike as the 250 does the job for what I use it for, and whilst I havent yet bought a muffler for mine, I wouldnt rule it out.

    Obviously if its your intention to sell the 250 as soon as you're off ur provisional then it does make more sense to save yourself the cash.