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Sports Exhaust

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by aste9974, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. What is the legal limit in decibels for a sports exhaust?

    Also what are some good brands/dealers who can install them?

    Will it change the performance of the bike to be non LAMS approved?

  2. You are on a 125, to much power isn't something you need to worry about.
  3. In NSW bikes can't be louder than 94 decibels I found out.
  4. I think that 94db is @ a 60kmp/h ride by.
    Sorry just known a few plod to rev the guts out of them with the sound meter right on the ends, when the pipes were normally not too bad.
    Basically who cares. The sight of all these cars on the road offends me. But they don't care.
    So my loud pipes are my own little political protest :)
  5. So it's pretty unlikely you'll get booked for it? Also say if I remove part or all of the muffler, wouldn't that screw up the back pressure? I'm thinking of making my bike louder as its hard to hear the revs when riding, no joke.
  6. Is it even possible to find an exhaust pipe that would fit the chassis of my bike?
  7. Mate, you are on a 125. The only way your bike can be made loud is by strapping some C4 to it and detonating it.
  8. If I just take the whole exhaust pipe off would that be too loud? Or not as bad as you would think?

    it's only 4 stroke 125cc... Or will I be as loud as a harley coming up the street?
  9. Take it to megacycle, they are a custom motorcycle exhaust shop, they will sort you out. They'll laugh at you, but they'll sort you out. http://www.megacycle.com.au/
  10. Mate, it doesn't matter what you do your bike will still sound shit.

    Taking of the whole pipe would just make it sound like an industrial sewing machine.
  11. Hi aste9974, if I were you, I would save the money for my next bike unless you plan to keep your current one for a long time.
    Not trying to be a smart ass here, but first, with 125cc bike, don't expect some horsepower coming out of it. Second, even if you buy slip-on exhaust, they are not that cheap cheap, plus you have to pay for the labour if you don't install it yourself. And third, it makes some people just want to race you by having loud pipe, and you can't respond to that cause of your engine capacity.
    And.. pls don't take the whole pipe off, I agree with b12mick, it may sound like an industrial sewing machine.

    But, it's up to you, just get some slip-on and it'll make you happier.
  12. No it won't sound like an industrial sewing machine, it will sound like a small loud angry dirt bike. Plus I'm pretty sure these bikes are OHV so they sound different to cammed engines.
  13. Hell, a got a cuppla foot of old gal pipe beside the shed that you're welcome to.
    You could even drill a few holes down it, then play your bike like a fucken clarinet!
  14. Well I took the whole exhaust off today, my cylinder was open air, no backpressure.

    However it backfired like a mother****er, like every 3rd cycle.

    It's left this black shit all around the outtake hole, I put the muffler back on and if I throttle it, not even hard, the engine stalls, i.e not driver error, the engine can't accelerate now or it literally dies.

    tl;dr I ****ed my valves, cam and piston. Otherwise it was pretty sweet being louder than a harley davidson and watching pedestrians cover their ears with their palms.

    Looks like a new bike time, I can't be riding a bike that stalls when I give it gas, unless I want to be pancaked by a semi-trailer.
  15. If I remember correctly, it's 94db at half the rpm of the bike's maximum torque.

    So if a bikes max torque is at 8200rpm, they measure it at 4100rpm.
    Also mics are placed at certain distances (around 1.5 meters from memory), height from the ground and angles (45 degrees) behind the bike.

  16. Where's a good place to buy second hand motorcycles?
  17. Isn't it frustrating when you work out you bought the wrong bike.....