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Sports Cruisers

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by theiceman, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. G'day All,

    I'm interested in what other riders deem 'worthy' of being called a Sports Cruiser. I don't need a war and peace thesis, just chuck some suggestions at me.

    Alternatively, if the topic has been done to death please point me to the link.

  2. re: sports cuisers

    I cant really think of any sports cruisers but if you are after a good sports tourer try the triumph sprint if you have your full license.
  3. Re: re: sports cuisers

    Thanks soevo36, I'm seriously looking at triumph rocket. I class them as a sports tourer but others don't. Hence the original post
  4. Honda Superblackbird 1100XX You cant go wrong, fast reliable and handles extemely well.
    Just put risers on it.
  5. Harley Sportster....
  6. Yamaha MT-01.
  7. Farm water pump in a lawn mower.
  8. FJR1300 Will be another one of these in my garage sooner than later :twisted:
  9. Suzuki M109

    Cruiser that can be ridden sportily.
    Plenty of grunt - better handling than you think.

    Note - definitely not an outright sport bike!
  10. The only HD I'd ever buy, a XR1200.

    Triumph rocket is a sports cruiser imo, I like them.
  11. Re: re: sports cuisers

    now I understand what you are looking at and as long as you only want to go in a straight line they are probably more than perfect.
  12. Ive had an FJR1300 clutches version for the last two years and its an awesome bike especially if there is two people on it but its a lot of work in the twisties, so I traded for a Sprint ST 1050.
  13. Re: re: sports cuisers

    Not everyone wants to dress like a chocolate bar wrapper and, for whatever reason, needs to toughen up their knees by scrapping them on the ground...
  14. If by that you mean KLR 650, I've already got one. :p
  15. i kept having dirty thoughts bout the m109... and i'm only 19! :LOL:
  16. Ha. If the world of cars as taught us anything, its that the word "Sport" does not really mean anything *cough SAAB cough*

    On the topic of an M109... I saw one of those today up in Terrigal. Didn't know what it was at the time, but god its HUUUUUGE! The rear tyre on that thing was bigger than the falcons that it was parked next to!
  17. Suzuki B-King
  18. It's weighty...but if you wanna cruise at double figures two up like you are sitting on the rock of gibraltar, and still have a play...they're an awesomely reliable bike, that does handle pretty good as well.
  19. Yeah. Sweet :wink: