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Sports city vs hawk

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by mat!, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Can’t seem to find this a similar topic elsewhere so...

    I live in Canberra and want a cheap way to get to work (and I’m to lazy to get geared bike, I have a car if I really want to change some gears) but if anyone is familiar with Canberra its all 80-100km/h roads (with some of the worst drivers in Australia) so I need something that’s not going to strain to get over 80km/h.

    I'm thinking maybe
    - Aprilla - Sports City 200cc
    - Bug - Hawk 250cc

    Any suggestions / other scooters I should consider. I've never ridden either.


  2. for regular 100km/hr riding you will need then 200cc +++ scoots.

    I had a Sportcity and while it was fine at 100km/hr i didnt think it felt overly comfortable sitting at those speeds for extended periods of time.

    Whats your budget? This will be the primary factor in narrowing down the list of options.
  3. around $8000 including gear and on road costs. :?

  4. Jeez.....the auto is an expensive option!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Such is the cost of being lazy with an auto, having some where to stash the laptop on the way to work and somewhere to put my helmet and jacket when i get there. I did give a 'normal' bike some thought but it really doesn't fit my needs - would be nice on the wallet though :grin:
  6. what sort of riding will you do?

    will the 100km/hr trips just be short stints or extended travel?

    For basically city trsavel, something like the Sportcity would be fine, but as i said, if you want to easily sit on 100 and even have a bit left over for overtaking, then look at the bigger scoots.

    Then again, if the only reason your looking at a scooter is to save fuel then get the smallest engine capacity that will do the job.

    Do you have any riding experience? (just curious)
  7. How sure are you that you don't want to change gears? You could get a very sweet 'real bike' for that money that would be a lot happier commuting at those speeds.
  8. So you need some storage? Panniers and a topbox on a normal bike.
    I could fit all that times 2 in my bike, but if you are a learner you wouldn't have that option. One of the reasons I bought a tourer is for carriage and storage of gear.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Its 40 minutes to work - 30 of that 80km/h 10 at 100km/h, through in the once every couple of months trip to Sydney/coast at 100-110km/h. I don't really care if I can overtake, I just don't want everyone road raging me cause I’m putting along at 80 in a 100km/h zone.

    Nah only riding I’ve done is the learner course - hence the 250 limit. Honestly just don't want a geared bike - the sports bike/Harley riders always seemed a little 'clicky' and arrogant for me. I just want to get from a – b don’t really care how ‘cool’ I look doing it. :grin:

    I'm just asking for the hand bag jokes aren’t I :roll:
  10. Nah, not at all - if you're sure of what you want then by all means go for it... all I was trying to suggest is that your typical day is pretty much not the forte of at least the smaller scooters. But a bigger scooter with bigger wheels sounds like the go for you... then my usual caution that it might be smarter to buy a year or two old than brand new to avoid getting nailed on depreciation might cut in... ;)
  11. No hand bag jokes here..my bike has two hand bags! Forget what people think, buy a bike that suits your needs and go from there. Does the ACT have the 250 restriction? No LAMS? If I had to buy a 250, I'd go either a big naked bike and throw hard panniers/ topbox on it, or a trailie and do the same, sort of motard it.
    You'll find a geared bike wouldn't be too much hassle for what you are doing, you don't change gear much in a straight line at speed!
    I can tell you now, no scooter is going to get up Brown's mountain at 80-100 km/h and a scooter wil probably burn up it's brakes by the bottom (no engine braking)!

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Yeah good point. Not sure if there's much of a second hand scooter market in ACT though - not really the population for it. :?
    Anyone have any experience in cross border rego issues for second hand scooters? Guess this would be pretty state specific though.
  13. Agree with Bravus,

    If you know a scoot is what you want then thats sweet, no worries at all.

    Big wheel scoots are not very numerous here. There is the Sportcity (which you know about) then the Bolwell HD200 (but thats probably going to be a little underpowered).

    There is also the Bolwell Firenze which is a 250cc so that might be an option as well if you like the "maxi" style. If you dont want a maxi, i believe the Bolwell G-Max is coming out in a 250 (currently only a 150).

    There is of cause the Aprilia Scarabeo 250. A very nice machine. Perfectally set up for longer distance riding, very comfortable. Big for a scoot. But its $7,999 but you might get one cheaper.
  14. Maybe a secondhand (2-3 year old) Yamaha YP250 Majesty? I've seen a couple of these around Adelaide for the $6.5k mark. To be honest, I'm tempted.

    I dunno what the market for used scoots is in the ACT, but you might have better luck sourcing a scoot from Sydney or Melbourne, particularly if you decide a good quality secondhand maxi is the way to go.

    The other option is to look at what Bolwell have. The Firenze is a nice looking scoot, and seems good value (around $7k, I believe).

    Good luck!
  15. Thanks for all the feed back, something I’m not understanding (and I know this is going to be an eye roller for most) why if a geared bike is 250cc and a scooter is 250cc would they not have relatively the same cruising speed, I know that they won't have the same acceleration, but unless there's a lot of slipping on that belt in a scooter… :oops: