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Sports cars

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Seany, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. The commobore is new (to me) and very comfy, but it's wearing thin in the fun stakes. After taking it over Hotham in Jan I kept comparing it to the GT ans XT Forrester, leaving me greatly disspointed. :(

    Solution, Seany needs something that will turn a corner. :twisted: :LOL: though insuance costs suggest we will see a purchase next year :( , It does give me a year to test drive new toys. :grin: .

    I have some cars in mind and if anyone owns or has owned one, I'd love your comments, and some details of suggested mods to get some fun out of them. :) Please bear in mind that I have a kayak, sailboards and several surfboards to carry so if roofracks are impossible to fit I'd love the heads up and cross it off my list. :) Please feel free also to add cars to my list but forget rx7, Pulsar sss or anything else as similarly stupid. :)

    The list...(in no order)
    R33 Skyline
    Honda Integra
    Honda Prelude
    GT forrester (xt still wayyyyy too exe)

    If I feel really poor I might consider a Celica.
    Most of my life has focussed on classics, bikes and boats so I'm not all that clued up on recent sports cages. Any suggestions or guidence would be appreciated. Looking to spent up to around 15k (if I can justify that sort of money on something for myself :? ). Ta. :)
  2. Peugeot 206 GTI

    RX7s and Pulsars are out but Celicas and EXAs are in? :?
  3. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    No Peugeots either. What can I say? I'm a weird guy. As I said, they were budget options. :wink:
  4. Shit Seany’s going yuppie on us, what’s next? Will you be coming to coffee in a Armani suit on a vespa? You’ve gone bad Seany, I suggest you watch some re-runs of Blokesworld to help you snap out of this.

    Now what about a bog stock 308 sandman with a trimatic box, and bubble windows, this will enable the efficient transport of surfboards, kayaks, slabs, and girls, and don’t worry about corners mate, go in hot and take them wide, what’s the worst that can happen? An oncoming sports bike rider will get a sphincter workout, big deal.
  5. My old trimatic 3.3l 78 UC Torana still holds the quickest Benalla to Bairnsdale run that I'm aware of (yes I took 2 rest stops, inluding lunch at Omeo). 3hrs, 35 mins from Benalla to my cosin's place 10km out of Bairnsdale (the other side) . :) I was breaking that record on the way home until the brakes disappeared entering Harrietville. :shock: However, I think I can beat that time but it's not going to happen in a holden mate. :wink: :)

    Don't worry, the boat is still in Dad's shed waiting for more punishment. 308 putting out 306hp, that's bogan fun worth enjoying. :wink: :LOL:

    Edit: It's funny how a typo can turn a Toranna into some kind of supercar. :LOL: Post edited to show real time. :)
  6. Or Harley rider!
  7. For that sort of money Seany you could pick up a mid to late 90's Audi A4, and those things can be a shitload of fun, especially if you get the 2.8L V-6 190HP manual jobbie.
  8. OK, so the thread says Sports Car; to us purists that means a two-seater with a removeable roof....

    So there's only one choice, and I can't see why you wouldn't take it; the wonderful, light, pretty, sublime Mazda MX-5.
  9. ^^

    or its big brother... the Porsche Boxter :p
  10. You have a good point.

    However if you want something a little cheaper that is actually a bit of a sleeper I suggest the Mitsu Magna TJ II Sports in manual. You can pick them up under your budget, then spend a grand or two on suspension and tyres. They're not everyones favorite car but my TF Sports has upset a few sports V8's from around its time. A lot of people bang on about FWD being crap, but if you learn to drive them properly for the sub 200kw sedan section they do pretty well. On top of that you get a lot of features for your money.

    Good luck with your search.
  11. Please read the OP. :)
  12. Now now, sports car implies handling, scratch anything front wheel drive off that list. Sure, they will go around corners pretty flat if set up properly, but will never be near as much pleasure as a proper rear drive platform.
    Some good bargain sports cars are first and second generation Supras, even non turbo, these cars were fairly light, and will go like shit off a shovel in manual form.
    The good old 240/260Z Datsuns are also fantastic, and again excellent value for money.
    The MX5 must be in the list, and I don't know why you wouldn't consider a series two or three RX 7, fantastic little cars.
    Another option might be a large BMW coupe, like a 633/ 635 CSi, they can be had in manual and under $10k for early 90's models, and are a fantastic package.
    Rememer, a sports car is about handling and performance, not about spoilers and bling.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Pffft, try doing a Sale - Benalla run in around the same time using the Dargo High Plains Road (Gravel).
  14. Aha, easy.

    Get the missus to follow you in a boring old waggon with the surfboards and stuff, and fang off into the distance in your MX-5 :LOL:

    Seriously, though, a sports car, even with a roof :roll: MUST be rear-wheel drive; seen any front wheel drive V8 Supercars, or F1 cars, or speedway Sprintcars, around lately? :).
  15. Looking at your list (and slightly at your requirements ;) )

    I'd choose the 200sx (s15), but I'd also add in a '97 Supra, not sure if this will take a roof rack or not...

    note: NEVER take an exa, getting very long in the tooth now, and if you get a turbo one the stockie ceramics are rooted...
    But Celica GT4's can be bit o fun ;)
  16. Ever heard of an Integra Type-R?

    As "Evo" magazine said:

    Nah, can't be any fun at all coz it's front-drive! :LOL:

  17. And after my Bro racing a type R in GT production very succesfully i'll vouch for that, briliant little car, you can get the V-Tec engine to realy pull with a few computer tweeks, chasis is A1 and suspension can be improved greatly with some decent bilstiens and slightly higher rate springs.

    "In the Sports Touring class, David Wood recorded a first-up win for one of the season's new GT Production cars, the 1.8 litre Honda Integra Type R, which finished ahead of three V8 cars."
  18. Sports cars that are practical?

    Well a well sorted Commodore is a joy to drive and has stacks and stacks of room. Have a look at a second hand Magna sports and the money you save you can bling it and soup it up so it will be pretty awesome, oh you will need to get a ski mask to hide your face from embarrasment.

    If I was to get another sports car I would look at the Mazda 6 and turbo it, I had a 6 for 3 years and they are just a great car.

    200SX is a realy nice car, looks hot nice and simple for you to do up.

    BUT a BIG +1 to DuHast, i want a Sandman so bad :cry:
  19. If you want something affordable that'll outcorner virtually anything on the road then there is only one choice:
    Unfortunately I don't think you'd have much luck carting a Kayak around with one so the solution is simple - give up kayaking and buy an MR2 :LOL:.

    Edit: Oh and for a more practical solution perhaps consider a Volvo 850T5. Don't laugh until you check out the performance specs - with 162kw and 320nm they do all right in a straight line and will outbrake virtually anything on the road (including bikes). Handling is surprisingly good too especially considering it's a large front-wheel drive car (although at 1500kg it's actually light compared to many modern cars I guess). Find a wagon version and carting boards and kayaks won't be a problem - you should be able to find a good one for under 15 grand.
  20. I'm so over cars.

    I wouldn't go a grey import since they cracked down on them. Though the r33 is the class car in the list.

    I want to like Subaru, but I've driven a few and they have major design faults they still haven't fixed. They are worth nowhere near what is generally asked for them.

    Hondas are way over rated. In the end they are just a front wheel drive econobox, with expensive parts.

    About the only sports car I like on the market at the moment is the MR2, but as pointed out, it's not very practicle.

    Oh and a Commodore could in no way be considered a sports car.