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Sports car hire

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robbie55, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Was at the natio yesterday and parked gloriously in that stop near the entrance to the park were 6 or 7 exotic sports cars. I stopped for a look and got chatting to a couple who were part of a group that pay $895 for the day to have a drive of these cars.

    From memory there was a Lambo, two Ferrari's, a Maseratti, a Lotus, and a Merc.

    Watching them drive off the roar of those engines was incredible and given the value of the cars you are getting to sample I don't think $895 is too much. Anyone done anything like this? I think I'd like to give it a go.
  2. did they have a lead car?
  3. I've seen 7 ferraris go through, most annoying shit having everyone take the corners at 20 and not even want to let you pass. Theres a lead but they pull over every now and then to rotate cars.

    Which is silly since none of em are giving it the beans anyway.
  4. I saw that procession too, just before Christmas - didn't catch the models but looked like a mix of old and new Ferraris...
    And I suspect if you DID give one the beans, you might spend the rest of the ride in the back seat of the lead car?
  5. I guess, and the excesses are probably huge to boot, but they wouldn't even open it up on the straights, they topped out just below 50. In a ferrari :tantrum:
  6. Serious?

    One of my friends has a lotus and has indicated that I can take it out for a spin as long as it's not raining (apparently is has sfa grip in the rain).

    cbf - bike are better than cars & he's not offered up his bike yet :(
    If some group is charging that much maybe I should take it out.....
  7. The ferrari's were going through a few time a week last summer.
  8. Save your cash and just rent an MX-5 for the day (Europcar have them).
    At least then you can at least come vaguely close to using it to its full potential, rather than being merely part of a parade of posers.
  9. If you get the chance, do the LA to San Fran run in the exotic cars, costs about $1500 for the day - no lead car - just go nuts up the highway. Apparently a very awesome experience if you get there and can afford it.
  10. +1 to that.
    My MIL owns an ex-concourse winner, a 2005-model I think, and has just put some nice new alloys on it.
    I'm the ONLY one in the fukn WORLD who hasn't been offered a drive, which is sad - the way it gets babied, you might as well catch the bus...
  11. Really? I reckon that's a rort. I went and did a rally driving course where I got to thrash a WRX and an EVO7 on dirt for half a day for $350. WAY more fun than babying a luxury car with posers for a day
  12. I didn't really follow them so not sure how much they were being babied but speaking to the couple I was they gave a good indication that they were not being held up in the Ferrari Cali. The lead car pulling out (the merc - some amg number I think) was not treating it with kid gloves. Posers or otherwise I couldn't really care I'd love an opportunity behind the wheel of some these cars. Any one actually done it?
  13. You're not listening. You'll be a "poser" OK? Got it, good. :roll:

    That said, I had a friend do this, or something like this, and said it was very frustrating given the formalised trundle. :(
  14. This. The ultimate pack for $500 gets you in the action seat in a V8 off-road racing buggy for 20 laps. These monsters are insane.
  15. My ex and I did one off these drive days in Melb about 5 years ago, was a mixture Bmw Z4,Porch 911 normal and turbo,Lambo,Maserati,Mx5 etc etc 12 cars all up.
    $350 each including lunch.

    Was a good run all around the Mornington Peninsula.
    We did approx half an hr in each car driving ( you got an hr if only one driver per couple ) and except for one couple the rest of us did open them up and let the little horses loose :angel:

    Lambo was a pig to drive
    Masserati ....... crap
    Z4 would buy one tommorow
    Ferrari 308 drove and sounded the best .. 3rd gear 160@ 3.5k and still was pulling damn hard =D>
  16. Don't really care if I'm considered a poser or not, I'm not 4. Why someone would not want to drive a Ferrari for fear of being called a poser, tosser or whatever is beyond me. So lets just say I'm a poser, tosser or whatever and move on.

    I like the idea of the rally ones etc but I'm actually referring to these cars and an experience to see how they drive - I'm sure it would be great to have them on a track etc but I'm sure they'd still be plenty of fun on the drives offered. I mean really if we are talking about $895 on the road how much do you think you'll be able to rent one for a track day in Aus.

    The only post I can really rate here is VTRBob's which looks promising. I'd love to be able to say a Lambo drives like a pig. But perhaps I should take a pig out so I've got a reference.
  17. Hmm the lambo story still gets me chuckling, that WAS my ex's dream car untill she drove one.
    Very wide, can't see out the rear window at all, the side mirrors are for decoration only, sounds nice above 8000rpm but under that and at "legal" speeds, all you do is slip the clutch !!

    Everyone on the day agreed that the lambo and the masserati where the biggest let downs, and a lot of dreams where shatered ](*,)
  18. I've heard the lambo has poor vision to anything behind. I think with scissor doors they recommend you sit on the sill to reverse because the mirrors and rear "window" are essentially useless.

    The Masserati surprises me though, I thought these were meant to be a Ferrari that was easier to live with. Perhaps I shouldn't take them out else I'll have my dreams shattered as well.
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  20. Renting a lambo/ferrari for a day on a public road is like paying a p0rn star $1,000 bucks to hold hands.